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    Dark colored beach hair.

    How to Get the Perfect Beach Waves

    Spring is nearly here, and that means that girls all around the globe will be looking for one thing: perfect beach waves. We don’t really think that this trend is ever going to go out of style during the warmer months, and that’s okay because beach waves look great on everyone. The question on most

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    A lady getting a hot stone massage.

    Our Executive Package

    The word executive means “having the power to put plans, actions, or laws into effect.” You don’t have to run a company in order to have this power, and you definitely don’t have to be on any board in order to enjoy our Executive package! There are probably plenty of things that you are in control

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    Athena Salon and Spa Blog

    Our Warrior Spa Package

    As a woman, you do many things every day, right? You may go to work, take care of the kids, hit the gym, run races occasionally, make dinner, and tend to all the other things that a woman manages to (amazingly!) balance day in and day out. We’re betting that you barely break a sweat

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    Family room during the holiday season.

    The Key to a Peaceful Holiday

    That time of year is fast approaching. You know, the dreaded holidays. The time when stress builds with each passing day, when you remember the thousands of things on your to-do list. How are you supposed to get everything checked off your shopping list and get your house ready to receive the multitudes of guests

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    Eye makeup

    Four Best Spa Treatments to Alleviate Holiday Stress

    It’s that time of year again! The time of year when parents with small kids start stressing out about holiday gifts and the stores start switching Halloween decorations for reindeer and tinsel. Even though the holiday season can be a lot of fun, it can also be very stressful! So, how can we take a

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    Dry skin pattern

    Tips for Eczema Relief

    The National Eczema Association states that over 30 million people in the United States are affected by eczema, a skin condition that leaves you itchy and yearning for relief. People have it in varying degrees – either very mild and occasional to extreme and constant, some itching until they draw blood. This is the problem

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    Soap blocks

    Shampoo Ingredients to Avoid

    At our Windsor salon, our top priority is your body and hair care, and that includes letting you know about some shampoo ingredients you should avoid completely. Our Windsor salon experts only use the best products, so you can be sure that anything we use is safe, but you should also be certain that the

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    Oil makeup containers

    Winter’s Coming: Is Your Skin Ready?

    Winter is coming! Something that we all can agree on, whether we like winter or not, is that winter weather wreaks havoc on your skin! Sure, your Fort Collins spa can help you out, but how can you maintain healthy skin at home during the dry, miserably cold days of winter? Here are some tips

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    Paper turtle

    Why Green Spas Matter

    Sustainability is becoming a big issue with more and more people all over the world, and for good reason! It is about saving our planet, and so much more – it’s about educating an entire community about why “going green” is important, and the value of supporting a green business. The Fort Collins spa that

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    Small purple flower

    Why Look For A Green Spa

    Spas seem like such a natural and relaxing place. Most spas have elements like waterfalls, peaceful music, outdoor hot tubs, and nordic spas even encompass wildlife in some ways. But the problem with a lot of spas is that they aren’t as green as they seem, and that relaxed natural feeling you get when you

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    Top Hair Myths Debunked!

    Your hair is your crowning glory, but it can also be a mystery! There’s so much information out there about hair, how to take care of it, and what’s best for it that it can be hard to figure out what’s real and true and what’s not. At Athena, your Fort Collins and Windsor spa,

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    Green eye closeup with eye makeup.

    Wearable Fall Beauty Trends

    The trends rolling off of fashion runways this fall are fun, but let’s be honest – some fashion and beauty trends that come from top designers aren’t exactly wearable, right? We’ve take a few moments to put together a list of trends that are both fashionable and wearable enough that you won’t feel silly putting

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    Top Fall Lip Colors

    Fall is all about bold lip colors. From barely there shades in the summertime (or just a bit of gloss) to colors that really stand out when the leaves start to fall, now’s the time to experiment with your lips. This Fall, colors definitely stand out – here are the top lip colors from our

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    Alfaparf Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Treatment

    On July 28th Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Treatment. This treatment is a progressive* straightening treatment with Keratin for all hair types and its revolutionary straightening ingredients which contain Keratin is 100% safe, versatile and high-performing. Do you crave smooth, velvety, glossy and tangle-free hair using an innovative Keratin-based technique that is 100% safe, conforms to

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    How to Heal Style-Damaged Hair

    Styling products can turn a really bad hair day into a day full of pretty locks. But products and heat and other things that we do to our hair (you know what I’m talking about!) can really cause a lot of damage. If your hair is exhibiting any signs of mistreatment, it’s time to give

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    Aurora CuaCua

    10 Ways to Look Younger With Makeup

    You don’t need plastic surgery to start looking younger today. What you need are a few excellent makeup tips. The way that you apply your makeup can make you look ten times older or ten times younger – it’s all about practice, knowing what makes your face look older, and paying attention to the most

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    melting ice cream cone

    How to Look Hot When It’s Hot

    We all love the thought of sunshine, wind in our hair, and a nice cool sea breeze, right? But, the reality is more like this: hot pavement, sweaty face, frizzy hair, and melting makeup. While you really can’t do much about sweating as you cross the street (other than take a taxi!), you can work

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