Thanksgiving Weight Loss Tips: How to Avoid the Holiday Bloat

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means family, food, festivities and that all too dependable post-Thanksgiving bloat.  Granted, Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks but it’s also about chowing down on an array of rich and wonderful goodies. With images of turkey, gravy, stuffing and marshmallow yams dancing around in our heads, it’s important to enjoy ourselves over the holiday. Just keep in mind that feeling of breathless, stuffed-full-of-turkey stomach pain that inevitably follows every Turkey Day feast.

Learning how to manage food intake and eat responsibly over the Thanksgiving holiday will make you feel better, help you stick to your weight loss goals and look better for Holiday party season. Here are some suggestions for taking it easy at the dinner table this week.Turkey

1. Prepare yourself before the big meal. Try a few hypnosis weight loss suggestions to help you eliminate traditional bad Thanksgiving eating habits and replace them with healthier habits. Relax, close your eyes, and repeat these hypnotic weight loss suggestions to yourself – “I will only eat until I am hungry”, “I will stop when I am full”, “I will enjoy my meal but I will not overeat”.

2. Don’t starve yourself on Thanksgiving Day leading up to the big meal. If you don’t allow yourself in any calories during the day so that you can ‘save room’ for dinner you will be overly hungry once mealtime arrives and you will more than likely overeat.  It’s always advisable, on holidays or not, to eat a number of small meals throughout the day.

3. Give yourself small sample size servings of everything that you want to try. We have a tendency to try to eat everything on our plate, especially on Thanksgiving, so by giving ourselves smaller portions we allow ourselves the opportunity to eat everything that we want without feeling deprived.

4. Pace yourself when eating. Eat your food slowly and chew each mouthful well before swallowing. This eliminates ‘shoveling it in’ which will actually make you feel satiated quicker. Along these lines, stop eating when you start to feel full. Do not push through and continue eating after you feel full, this will only make you feel bloated and miserable afterward.

5. Get out and get moving. On Thanksgiving most people have a tendency to eat a ton of food and then sit around and watch football. Take a walk after dinner and make it a family affair. Play a game of basketball or football. Just make sure to give yourself enough time after you eat before doing anything active so that you don’t get a cramp.

By keeping these simple tips in mind, you can thoroughly enjoy your Thanksgiving meal without sacrificing your weight loss goals and feeling bloated afterward.

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Sarah Wozniak

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