The Benefits of Ashiatsu Massage


Have you ever wished that your massage therapist could apply more pressure consistently in order to get deep into those tissues that are aching? Ashiatsu massage is the answer to that deep tissue tension problem. This form of massage involves the massage therapist using his or her feet instead of hands to access those deeper tissues.

Feet? That’s right, feet! During an Ashiatsu session, your massage therapist will apply different types and strengths of pressure on your body using her feet. At times, the therapist can expertly apply all of her body weight to really get into those sore areas. Since this type of massage isn’t widely used in many salons, we know that you probably have a few questions about Ashiatsu – here are some answers!

-Does it hurt? This is the number one question asked by anyone considering Ashiatsu. The thought of someone walking on your back may seem painful, but the pressure tactics used actually alleviate pain instead of causing it. How can this be? Our Ashiatsu massage therapists are trained only to step on certain parts of your body, and only apply the necessary weight. This type of massage doesn’t hurt in the least. Instead, it accurately pinpoints those areas of your body that can’t be reached with regular massage. You’ll leave feeling amazing!

-How much do the massage therapists weigh? It seems logical that anyone over a certain weight walking on your back would cause some kind of pain, but this isn’t the case. The truth is that because the therapists are trained to apply accurate pressure, the actual weight of the therapist doesn’t matter. If a linebacker for the Denver Broncos were trained in Ashiatsu, he could easily step on your back and it wouldn’t hurt!

-Where does this type of massage come from? The word ‘ashi’ means ‘foot’ in Japanese, and the word ‘atsu’ means pressure. The actual form of this massage does originate in the East, but it has since been heavily changed and modified by Western massage therapists. The practice is ancient in its roots, and practitioners have been heavily trained to perform this massage expertly.

-Is it like Thai massage? While the two may seem similar, Thai massage and Ashiatsu are different. Thai massage includes two people that are fully clothed with the massage therapist leading the client through different stretches. Feet may be used at times, but it is not the same as Ashiatsu where the client lays on a regular massage table.

-What are the benefits? Ashiatsu provides deeper relief of muscle pains and aches than a regular massage does. Some clients prefer the pressure used by feet to the pressure that is regularly used in massage by hands and elbows. Due to the wide and long nature of feet, this type of massage often hurts less than a regular massage would.

Is Ashiatsu For You?

Athena is now offer Ashiatsu massage to all clients, and we invite you to call us to book a massage today. The only way to find out if this type of massage will work for your body is to try it, and we have the best Ashiatsu practitioners in town – so why not try it? Pop into our Fort Collins spa to book your Ashiatsu appointment or call us to hear more about this type of massage. Have you tried Ashiatsu? Did you love it? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook page.

While you’re here, make sure to check out our nail spa too, and also ask us about couples massage. At Athena Salon and Spa we’re all about finding new ways to make you feel amazing! Come in and see if Ashiatsu is for you!

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