Bettina Neuefeind

The Benefits of Prenatal and Infant Massage

Bettina Neuefeind

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Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years. It began in China and they created over fifty different kinds of massage. Two of my favorite massages are prenatal and infant massage.

Those who have been pregnant know that there can be body aches, nausea, and bone spreading throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy. You may begin to swell in your legs with the added weight as well. Prenatal massage cannot be received until after the first trimester to avoid an increase of circulation and endorphins because if this occurs there is a higher chance of miscarrying. After the first trimester however, you can benefit greatly from massage as your baby is getting larger. Massage can reduce swelling and muscle aches and will increases endorphins which is your body’s natural pain killer.

Infant massage is my next favorite and is becoming more recognized in the United States. Most mothers already do massage when they are adoring their child or getting them ready for a nap or bedtime by simply rubbing the baby’s forehead or tummy. But there is so much more you can do. Not only does infant massage help with their developmental stages, circulation and getting to know their own body but it also helps you bond with your child. Massage also has been shown to help children with disabilities such as Down Syndrome, blindness, and hearing loss. With a simple touch you can help your baby become more comfortable with their surroundings.

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