The Best Shoes (and Pedicures!) for Summer 2013

This is a great summer for shoes: shoe designers this summer played with straps, colors, and textures like never before. Summer shoes and pedicures go hand-in-hand, so be sure to get the best pedicure this summer by visiting Athena’s Salon after your long day of shoe shopping! If your day is especially long, you can pair your pedicure with other salon services, or even visit the Athena Spa while you’re at it.

Here are some tips for buying the best shoes for Summer 2013, and some hints for pairing your pedicure with the hottest shoe styles:

Strut the Straps

No matter your heel height, think strappy! This summer, straps are great for flats, heeled sandals, wedges, and even pumps or ballet flats. One of the benefits to strappy shoes is that they let your feet stay cool, and provide a lot of support so that your shoes won’t rub on your feet and cause blisters as easily.

If you want to be at the top of the game, look for straps around the ankle,  across the toe, or simply everywhere! You can’t have too many straps this season.

Pick a Height – Any Height

Shoe fashions this summer give you all the height flexibility you want, from ballet flats and low sandals, to high platforms. Simply pick the height you are comfortable with and go from there!

If you’re going for a heel, remember that wedges and block heels are the most popular this summer. Designers are getting creative with their heels, so don’t be afraid to go for a heel that stands out! If you do go for a stand-out heel, the best pedicure will likely be a soft pastel that will keep your toes in good shape while letting those heels shine.

Strappy, oped toed shoes are in for Summer 2013

Be Bold with Patterns and Colors

Bold is beautiful this year, and jewel tones, pastels and metallics are taking a stand. Geometric, floral and animal prints add flavor and additional colors to shoes as well. Look for colorful pumps to add an updated sense of style to any outfit.

Try a New Texture

Suede, basket-weave, and snakeskin are only a few examples of the many textures making an appearance this summer. To take it to the next level, the best pedicures this summer will include some texture as well! Request rhinestones, decals, or nail art on your big toes (or even all your toes!) to contrast the texture of your shoes.

Show some Toe

Don’t be afraid to let your toes breathe this summer, because open-toed shoes are in full swing for the season. What better reason do you need to get a pedicure? It’s no surprise that the hottest pedicure colors this summer mirror the best colors for shoes. Look for bright orange, pink, or electric blue, metallic chrome, or light pastels for the perfect color to pair with your perfect Summer shoe!


Fashions are forgiving this summer, so go for what you like! Try something new and a little bit crazy. And, when you hit the nail salon at Athena for your perfect pedicure, ask the person providing your salon services for suggestions to help your nails compete!

Creative Commons License Andrea Rinaldi via Compfight

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