The Color Blocked Hair Trend

The Color Blocked Hair Trend

The Color Blocked Hair Trend

A few months ago, hair was all about looking sun-kissed and as natural as possible. But that trend is making way for something a lot more colorful. The latest hair trend that’s popping up this summer (and will likely be around during the fall months too) is color blocking. You’ve probably heard of this term when it comes to clothing, right? Well, that coloring technique has crossed the barriers into hair color. Is it the right look for you? Take a look!

What Is Color Blocking?

Color blocking is a technique that lets you color large chunks of your hair different colors without worrying about those colors bleeding into each other. But, this trend isn’t for regular hair colors. Think of colors like bright pink, purple, green, yellow, and blue – all blocked off and perfectly proportioned, and all running down your hair like a pretty waterfall.

Getting the Look

This is not something that you will want to try at home! Book an appointment with your colorist at Athena, and then explain what you want. Your colorist will choose six colors to paint into your hair, and then create six sections of hair with a different color (hence the term “blocking”). Because this is done professionally, the colors will not bleed into each other. In order for the colors to really pop, your colorist may have to take your overall color to the next blonde level – or make it really blonde, so that the colors stand out.

Is This Trend for You?

You’ll typically see younger people rocking the color blocked look, but you can try out this style if you are older too! Hair color doesn’t really go along with any gender or age, so why not give it a try? Hair color is really all about expressing yourself. If you want to have vivid hair that stands out, there’s no reason in the world why you have to hold yourself back and stick to normal hues. Then again, if you are on the younger side, color blocking is a great summer look – especially if you plan to attend any music festivals this summer.

You may not want to wear your color blocked hair for a long time (and the colors will eventually fade and require up-keeping), but it’s definitely a fun trend to try if you want to wear a different color (or colors!) for the summer season. Will it be a trend that easily transitions into the fall? It all depends on your outlook. Most women tend to go dark for the fall season, and fall usually means hair color that’s more serious. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have colorful hair during the fall months too – it’s entirely up to you.

What to Wear

If you are going to go all out and wear six different colors in your hair that are neatly partitioned into blocks, it’s a good idea to keep your clothes basic. Black works with almost anything, and you can wear statement jewelry if you want to wear something that sticks out more than basic black. But, our suggestion is to stay away from too many patterns and colors that might clash with your hair.

Ready to try the color blocking trend? Book an appointment with an Athena hair stylist today to see how this trend will look on your hair. Your professional stylist will find the colors that are right for you, and we’ll even suggest hair colors that will look great with your skin tone and face shape. Call us today to book!

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