The Perfect Retreat before your Perfect Day

One of the biggest regrets that brides often have about their wedding day is the lack of time spent with their bridesmaids. Avoid that regret by bringing your favorite girls in to Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness to enjoy one of our famous wedding spa packages! Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our delightful spa, and create memories that will last a lifetime. What better way to bond with your best friends and family in preparation for your wedding?

RosesWe’ll come to you!

One of the advantages offered in our wedding spa packages is the flexibility for you to choose the desired location. You can enjoy our spa atmosphere, or choose for us to come to you! Spend the morning on site, while still enjoying the pampering you deserve.

Nails. Nails. Nails.

Our wedding spa packages offer a full range of services, perfect for your entire group. Everyone should receive the pampering of manicures and pedicures on this special day. Grandmothers, mothers and sisters can be included for a full family affair. Pedicures especially help to prepare everyone’s feet for the constant standing and dancing that weddings call for. If you ask your bridesmaids what the most important part of their preparation was? By the end of the day, they’ll say “pedicures” for sure!

Everything Beautiful

But these fabulous spa packages offer so much more than nails. Why should the bride be the only one receiving makeup and an up-do on this special day? Include your bridal party in these special events, and you are sure to be thrilled with the results! Each special lady can receive the beauty attention she deserves, and your pictures will be the proof.

Everyone Relaxed

One of the benefits of our skilled team being on site for your wedding preparation is the amazing chair massage that they make available. The mother of the bride especially seems to find her way to our chair during the hours leading up to the special event. Not only can our delightful package make everyone beautiful for your special day, but it offers the gift of relaxation as well. So many options, all in one amazing package, perfect for one amazing day! You’ll be so glad that you made the memories.

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