The Split Dyed Hair Trend

The Split Dyed Hair Trend

The Split Dyed Hair Trend

There’s a new hair color in town – well, two colors. The trend is to dye your hair two different colors by parting it directly down the middle. If this trend sounds a bit odd to you, it’s probably not one that you would feel comfortable pulling off. But if you like to live on the color edge, this one is for you.

The Color Decision

There are a number of different ways that you can color your hair following this trend. Just think about all the possible colors out there, and then think about splitting your hair into two of those colors. Some of the most popular combinations are derived from rainbows (think orange and green splits), but those are definitely on the younger side of things. Other popular and possible color combinations are blonde split with black (somewhat channeling Cruella DeVille), and brown split with blonde.

If you aren’t into splitting your hair into two different colors completely, there are other variations on this trend to consider too. You can always color split the under portion of your hair, or just take a section and split that into two parts to color it. You can also just pick a strand or ten of hair, and color that part a unique color. The sky’s the limit when it comes to color options and your hair, but the trend focus is really on pastel colors this time around.

Coloring With Pastels

Since pastel isn’t an easy color to pull off (and you really do need to have the perfect shade for your skin type and face shape in order for it to look great), there are some tips that you have to consider before you dive head first into your nearest salon and ask to look like a mermaid or a unicorn.

  • Ask about the history of the colorist you are considering. If you can’t find information about this person on the salon’s website, check out Instagram for some previous styles created by the colorist you are considering. Now is not the time to go to the local hair school for a cheap dye job.
  • Go for a consultation beforehand. Sit down with the colorist you are considering using, and ask a bunch of questions. Also, bring some photos of what you want with you to your next appointment, so you can see if you are both on the same page.
  • Make sure that the salon has the color combination that you want, or that your colorist can mix the right color. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to mess up purple and blue or turn that really cool shade of grey everyone is wearing right now into something that your grandma wouldn’t want on her hair.

Booking With Athena

At Athena, we are up to date on all the latest colors and techniques, and we’re more than happy to create the perfect dye job for you. Just bring in some photos of what you want to see on your head, and we’ll make it happen in no time. We’re also available for consultations should you need one, and we are more than happy to set you up with a senior colorist that knows how to make your hair color pop.

Are you bold enough to go for the rainbow dye trend? Come in and see us, and we’ll find the perfect color combination for your hair and skin. We’d also love to go over those rainbow colors with you – there’s bound to be one rainbow color that suits your needs perfectly!

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