The Why’s and Wherefore’s of Hypnosis Weight Loss

It seems like everyone is looking for “weight loss secrets” as a “magic bullet” to help them lose weight. But is there such a thing? If you have tried diet after diet, and exercise plan after exercise plan, and still have trouble getting rid of that extra weight, then you will want to read on. There seems to be much success in the area of hypnosis weight loss techniques that are helping people visualize a healthier, more energetic, and thinner “them.”

HypnosisWhat is Hypnosis Weight Loss?

Trying to lose weight by hypnosis is second only to smoking as a reason people look to a hypnotherapist for help. It seems that many people hit a stone wall in the weight loss battle because of some deeply ingrained, subconscious bad habits.

Hypnosis is the unconscious state of accomplishing one or more tasks mindlessly. A good example is driving a car. You can drive for miles, paying little or no attention to the surrounding landscape, while you are thinking about your job, tasks you must accomplish at home, or that special dinner date with your mate. Hypnosis allows access to a person’s subconscious mind where resides their memories, their habits, and their beliefs. It is believed that if on a conscious level a person is resisting changing a bad habit, that when the subconscious is accessed and programmed with positive changes, change will occur on a completely natural level.


Although “weight loss secrets” abound, very few of them are as safe and non-invasive as hypnosis is underage trained and qualified hypnotherapist. Many times hypnosis weight loss is successful where other more conventional treatments have failed.

Typically hypnotherapy helps get to the inner core reason why a person is overweight and helps that person promote lifestyle changes. If the enter belief system, and therefore the established habits and patterns are not changed, then there will be no change on the outside. Hypnotherapy helps establish new and healthy patterns that stick for life.


Because of the lack of statutory regulations in this profession, there is a risk of having an under-trained hypnotherapist. Also, hypnotherapy is not recommended for patients who have a history of serious psychological disorders, traumatic stress, or epilepsy. Hypnotherapy may not work for everybody. It is not a miracle cure.


As far as losing weight goes, hypnotherapy is gaining popularity because the results change the inner core, which bring long-lasting, life-changing results. If you’ve been trying to lose weight and have not been as successful as you would like to have been, check out our Weight Loss Secrets link under our “Services” tab.

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