Tis the Season for Flaky Dry Facial Skin: Winter Face Beauty Tips

We all know the feeling…you steal a glance in the rear view mirror at some point during the busy day only to see a tight, dry, flaky reflection in the mirror. It’s called winter skin and we’ve all experienced at one time or another and it’s most evident on the delicate skin found on our faces. Winter can definitely takes its toll on skin. With cold, stark air and less humidity, our faces often become red, flaky and feel tight and dry.

But just because our faces have a tendency to dry out and flake off during the cold winter months doesn’t mean that we have to hibernate all winter long. By taking extra care of your face during the winter you can sport glowing and luminous day spa inspired facial skin all winter long, here’s how.

Face Washing

Wash your face with warm water. Even though it might sound like heaven to take a nice hot shower or wash your face with hot water during the cold winter months, it can actually strip valuable moisture from the skin. Also, use a mild cleanser that does not contain alcohol as this can dry your face and look for cleansers that contain milk. You may also want to buy cleansers created specifically for sensitive skin.


Oftentimes, people don’t associate winter with having to wear sunscreen but this is untrue. Sun in the winter is still strong and can be even stronger if it’s reflecting off of the snow. According to EczemaNet, the sun’s reflective powers are 80 percent on the snow, so it’s a good idea to choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above.


It may be a good idea to use a different moisturizer in the winter due to the lower humidity levels in the air. Moisturizers that are oil-based rather than water-based are advised during the winter as well as lotions that contain humectants. Try proven salon products that contain ingredients like glycerin and sorbitol or oils such as avocado, jojoba, almond.


During the winter it’s advised to get regular professional facials. Not only is this a form of self-care that you will thank yourself for, but a professional facial from your local premier salon and spa will also rejuvenate and moisturize dry and tired winter skin.

Eliminate the Flakes

Dry skin flakes are very unattractive and one of the worst and most tell-tale aspects of dry facial skin. You can get rid of flakes by using an alpha-hydroxy cleanser every other day. You can also gently remove flakes by using a milk mask. This involves simply pouring cold milk onto a clean washcloth and placing it over your face for ten minutes.

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