To Your Own Skin Tone be True

You try out your sister’s favorite shade of blush. It makes her look lovely. You look like a clown. Your best friend and you try the same shade of blonde hair color. She looks gorgeous, young, and inspiring. You look ten years older. What makes the difference in these two scenarios? Choosing colors right for your skin tone.

Keeping it Cool

Cool skin tones often have more blue and pink undertones. Eyes tend toward black, dark brown or blue, or grayish. Hair colors include dark browns, blacks, and ash or platinum blondes.

The Hair
When visiting the hair salon, women with cool skin tones will want to veer away from reddish shades, with the possible exception of vibrant just-for-fun shades like burgundy. Choose from blacks and deep browns. Also, the famous cool blonde, which washes out many women, is fair game for you. Still not sure what color to choose? They stylist at hair salon can help you pick the right color.

Stay away from golden undertones in your makeup. Look for pinkish and blue colors. A foundation, for example, may be dark or light enough for you but makes you look pasty and fake if it’s too warm.

If you’re uncertain what cool undertones look like, visit a beauty salon or look for makeup lines that label their colors according to skin tones.

Sizzling Hot

Women with warmer skin tones have yellow, red, and golden undertones. Eyes often are golden browns and greenish-blues. Hair tends toward dark gold brown, auburn, red, reddish blonde, or golden blonde. Skin will have red, golden, or peachy tones. Warm skin tones often have freckles.

The Hair
At the hair salon ask for shades with golden tones. Browns should have more red or gold to them. Steer away from platinum or ash blondes. Consider red or gold blondes instead. Make sure to consider true red shades. In fact, many women with warm skin tones find themselves lucky enough to look their best in shades of red.

Once again, look for golden tones. When choosing a foundation, stay away from pinkish shades. Many warm skin tones have delicate colorings. Ask at your beauty salon to make sure your makeup highlights your coloring and doesn’t wash you out. Choose peachy or golden blushes, for example. If it’s too pink, you may look clownish.

Remember, whether you have a cool or warm undertone, the stylist at our beauty salon have training necessary to help you choose the right colors.

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