women facial

Top 8 Reasons You Need A Facial

women facial

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You are a self-proclaimed skincare product junkie.

You have all of the latest and greatest in the skincare department – exfoliating scrubs, peels, hydrating masks, moisturizers, and more – and you’ve even been known to whip up a few homemade concoction or two from time to time. When your friends talk about going to the spa for facials, you simply invite them to your house for a DIY spa day. However, it might be wise to join your friends a time or two.

Did you know that visiting your Windsor spa for a facial is one of the best things you can do for your skin, even if you think your skin is perfect just the way it is? No matter how well you care for your skin, nothing can match the deep clean of a facial. Do you have problem skin? You should probably head to the esthetician at least once per month. If you don’t, experts still recommend getting a facial done by a professional once per season. Here are some reasons why.

Deal with skin issues as they arise. Everyone’s skin, at all different stages of life, has special challenges. Women face challenges in our adolescence, when hormones are changing, and then once each month from then on. Men experience skin issues as well. Each season brings a new challenge – the humidity and perspiration of the summer, the dry air of the winter – as do the seasons of our lives. The skin of a 20-year-old has far different issues than the skin of a 50-year-old. Booking yourself a facial at your favorite Windsor spa will allow you to stay on top of your skin through all of its changes, and learn tricks to keep it looking its best.
A deep clean for your pores. Sure, you have that bottle of expensive cleanser and enough types of masks to beautify an army. However, there is no substitute, no magic product on the market today that can match the pore cleansing power of a facial! The trick is in the steam treatment, which really can’t be recreated at home. It’s only safe at the spa, where it gently steams open your pores to get that deep down clean. Don’t think you can try it at home – you risk burning yourself!
You’ll never be able to DIY all of the esthetician’s tricks. Besides not being able to recreate the power of their steam machine, there are other things you just can’t do. Do you know they rely on light therapy to eliminate bacteria that can lead to breakouts? That’s right, simple blue and red LED lights. And don’t think that you can just shine any old blue and red light on your skin and get the same effect at home. These lights do more than just get rid of bacteria – they also keep your oil levels stable, reduce the size of your pores, and promote the growth of healthy cells.
Take a break. When you are doing your own facial at home, you’re just not getting the full experience of the spa! There’s a reason women everywhere say, “I need a spa day!” Just mentioning a facial to some women will cause them to sigh, imagining the relaxation and general feel-good vibe you get when someone else is making you beautiful. It is a total stress reliever – not only does the warm steam relax you, the esthetician will massage your skin. This massage works to not only relax and delight you; it serves to detoxify you deep within your cells by increasing circulation. Does it get any better than that? I think not!
Trust me, I’m an expert. Do you think that lady at the department store makeup counter cares about your skin, or your money? What’s more, what sort of training do they have? A licensed esthetician receives extensive training to better address your actual problem instead of trying to sell you the latest and greatest miracle cream that may or may not solve your skin issue.
Long lasting. Some think, “Why bother going to get a facial? I’m going to spend a lot of money for a week of great looking skin.” This is simply not true! The effects of a facial can last long after even a month after your appointment. It’s actually more cost-effective than stocking up on all of those creams that just don’t do the job a licensed esthetician does!
Restore that youthful glow. We said that everyone’s skin could benefit from getting a facial, no matter what stage of life you are in. If you start doing it when you’re younger, you’ll probably hear a lot of, “You look the same as you did in high school,” or “There’s no way you’re insert-age-here.” A facial can rejuvenate your cells’ metabolic rate, allowing your skin to shine in a healthy way, always staying young-looking, fresh, and beautiful.
Increase self-confidence. When you walk out the door, you are going to feel amazing. And isn’t that reason enough to just go ahead and book your first appointment?

Don’t wait any longer. Give us a call and book a facial today, and ask about our assortment of spa packages. You deserve it!

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