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Ashley Campbell

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At your favorite hair salon in Fort Collins (Athena, of course!), we’re all ready for fall. Our stylists are prepped on all the latest fall hairstyles that you are absolutely going to love. So, what’s popular this fall? Here’s a closer look!

  1. A darker shade of ombre: when the trend first began, ombre color consisted of a stark contrast between light and dark. This fall, the trend is all about glamour. Your locks will still be lighter on the bottom, but those lighter pieces will be closer to the dark color that will dominate your roots.
  2. Thicker cut layers: layers of the past were multi and on the thinner side, but this fall is all about thicker layers – ask your stylist at Athena hair salon in Fort Collins for this new cut.
  3. Straight and slick: this one will be hard to pull off if your hair is in need of a heat break from too much summer sun, but hair is less wild this season and more tame – think flat iron, silicone gel, and a sleek polished look (throw some extensions in there if you want to let your hair rest!).
  4. One-length bobs and looks: while you will see some layers (like the chunkier ones listed above), you’ll also see a lot of cuts that don’t include any layers. Sure, layers add movement, but the one-length cut is completely retro, and that might be a fun trend to play around with this season.
  5. Tight topknots: the loose knot was for a laid back summer look, but fall is all about being posh – and nothing says “pulled together” more than a tight topknot.
  6. Strong side parts: grab a comb with a pointed end, and separate your hair all the way to the side. Like one-lengths, middle parts are making a comeback too.
  7. Hair with some height: think about models during the 1960s. Strong side of middle parts with some height towards the back is the look that you want to go for (you’ll have to do some teasing).
  8. Slick ponytails: just like slight straight hair, this fall’s ponytails will be straight and smooth.
  9. A return to retro: whether its the 1970s or the 1960s, retro is definitely back in a big way when it comes to hair (and makeup).
  10. Slight off-center part: see what we did here? We listed two (no, three!) new part trends for the upcoming season. You can put that part on the side in a severe way, in the middle, or slightly off-center for a really laid back and trendy look. Just pick the part that you like the most and run with it.

Key Takeaways

The one trend that you’ll see the most this fall is an overall polished look. While summer sun tends to bring with it loose and laid back hairstyles, the fall season is all about looking polished and ready for some serious work – or just some trendy play. Whether you’re going back to school or just looking for a new style, any of these hair trends will look great on you – just ask us which one you should try, and we’ll be happy to give you our suggestions if you aren’t sure.

Where to Get the Look

Come into Athena hair salon in Fort Collins for any look that you see here. From subtle ombre to making your hair stick straight (or changing up that part!), we can give you exactly what you want – and you’ll be right on trend for the fall season. Call us to make an appointment today, or check out our Facebook page for updates and additional details about our salon services and spa. When it comes to anything from salon services like facials to the latest trends, you can count on Athena!

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