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Fall is all about bold lip colors. From barely there shades in the summertime (or just a bit of gloss) to colors that really stand out when the leaves start to fall, now’s the time to experiment with your lips. This Fall, colors definitely stand out – here are the top lip colors from our beauty salon for Fall that you should be checking out!

1. Deep reds: if you aren’t sure about the red lip (though, really, most people can wear this without a problem), you can start off slowly by going for a matte red color. Once you’re ready for red, you can move into a deeper shade of red that has a bit of gloss.

2. Wine time: wine is a different shade of red that’s almost burgundy, and it’s the absolute epitome of the urban lip this season. Wine colors may shock while in the tube, but these hues are a lot of fun to play around with, so don’t be shy!

3. Pink/red mix: if you want something that’s a bit different than all the rest, go for a red lip that has a pink hue to it. Lots of runways this season were featuring red with some pink mixed in, and it’s a great way for you to test out the red color without going full vampire.

4. Magenta: here’s another bold pink color. Sometimes red doesn’t look great, and when that happens it’s all about magenta.

Key Takeaways

1. You don’t have to go matte. A matte color can look really bad on some people (plus, matte tends to mean dry, and dry doesn’t feel so great), but there were plenty of glossy colors on the runways, so you can absolutely add some gloss to your lips.

2. Test out a few colors. Not everyone can pull of a bold lip in blood red, but you can wear a shade of red that suits your face – try out a few including some with a pink hue.

3. Keep an eye on your hair. Messy hair coupled with a red lip can look a bit like a hot mess. Try wrapping your hair up in a chic bun, or pulling it all back in a glossy look.

4. Make sure your clothes are minimal. Fall is all about being classic, so go with outfits that consist of classic patterns or basic black, and play up your lips instead.

5. Keep your eyes basic. You can certainly add a cat-eye to a red lip look, but skip on the bright shadows and other glimmer tricks – leave those for a nude lip or a natural look.

6. Don’t be scared! This is the most important takeaway of all. A lot of women are scared about using a deep or dark lip shade, but Fall provides the perfect opportunity to play around with lip looks. If you aren’t sure what color to choose, come into Athena today and ask one of our makeup artists – we’ll make sure to pair you with the perfect shade.

Athena Services

Our Fort Collins spa offers many different services ranging from hairstyling, expert coloring, pedicures, manicures, and all kinds of treatments that will leave you feeling amazing from head to toe. We’re also happy to help you with any makeup tips or a consultation if you want to know what colors will look the best on you. Come into our Fort Collins spa today to book your beauty treatments – you deserve it!

And when it comes to fall lip color, don’t be afraid to try something new. Sure, that color that you wear all the time is nice (and nude lips do have their place), but the fall season is all about being bold, being fierce, and seizing the season. Our beauty salon staff wants to know what your favorite fall look is, so leave us a note here – or post a photo on our Facebook page – and make sure to come into our Fort Collins spa to treat yourself right!

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