Top Hair Myths Debunked!


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Your hair is your crowning glory, but it can also be a mystery! There’s so much information out there about hair, how to take care of it, and what’s best for it that it can be hard to figure out what’s real and true and what’s not. At Athena, your Fort Collins and Windsor spa, our mission is to make sure that you know the truth about hair and body care, so that you can look great all the time.

Here are the top hair myths debunked!

  1. You should wash your hair every day. This is not only a myth, it can also be potentially damaging to your locks! Shampoo strips moisture from your hair, and moisture is needed in order to give your hair that natural glow. If your hair becomes too dry, you’ll have to use more products, and that will require more washing – see the cycle here? Instead, stick to shampooing your hair once or twice per week.
  1. Wet hair can make you sick if it’s too cold outside. This isn’t true (colds are caused by bacteria and not by actual cold air!), but it’s not a good idea to go outside with wet tresses that can, and will, break when your hair becomes a set of icicles.
  1. Hair has to be brushed hundreds of times per day to make it look great. Nope! Brushing your hair can too often actually cause lots of split ends, and that’s not a good look for anyone.
  1. Washing your hair in beer is a good idea. We’re not sure where this one originated (frat houses?), but washing your hair in beer won’t make it better or stronger. The only thing that contributes to stronger hair is a healthy diet rich in biotin and Omega-3 fatty acids.
  1. Cold water will help open up hair follicles. Temperature has very little to do with how your hair behaves, so don’t worry about going cold at the end of your shower.
  1. Cutting your hair regularly makes it grow longer. This isn’t true, but there’s a bit of truth to it as well. How can that be? Well, your hair will look longer and be healthier if you cut it regularly because hair with split ends eventually breaks. So, cut your hair regularly to prevent it from breaking – kind of like a stocking with a run in it.
  1. Using the same shampoo over and over again means that it will stop working. This isn’t true, sorry. The only reason to switch shampoo is to go with a color-safe brand if you’ve just started coloring your hair, or to switch to a shampoo that provides more moisture if you are dealing with dry and damaged hair.
  1. Split ends can be fixed if you buy all the right product. Sorry, but once your hair is split and ruined, the only thing that you can do is cut off those ends. No amount of product is going to fix that damage.
  1. If you pluck out one gray hair, two more will grow in its place. This one is kind of laughable, and it’s really just an old wive’s tale! You shouldn’t pluck the greys, though, you should really just come into your Fort Collins spa instead – we’ll take care of those greys for you.

Now That You Know the Truth

We’re glad that we could shed some light on hair myths for you, but we also want to point out that it’s really important to take care of your hair by going to a Fort Collins spa that uses the best ingredients and treatments. This way, you can be sure that whatever you are doing to your hair is actually good for it. At Athena, your Fort Collins and Windsor salon, we make every effort to ensure that your locks are lovely inside and out.

Come into our Windsor salon to book an appointment with a professional stylist, or call us to find out what you can do about your hair. We can also be found on Facebook for any additional questions that you may have.

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