Treat Yourself by Indulging in an Athena Spa Massage Package

It’s always the right time to pamper yourself. You have a lot to deal with on a day-to-day basis and every once in a while indulging in spa massage at a premier Fort Collins spa is exactly what you need to center yourself and refresh your mind, body and spirit. Athena Spa and Salon in Windsor offers a wide array of spa treatments including a variety of individual, couples and wedding spa packages. They also offer premier facials, microdermabrasions, body scrubs, wraps and more.

They offer a vast selection of massages including relaxation, rejuvenation, stress reduction, muscle tension release and rain drop therapy which will help to enhance energy flow throughout your body. Here are some of their most popular massage technique offerings and spa packages.  Treat Yourself by Indulging in an Athena Spa Massage Package

Swedish massage reduces stress, relieves sore muscles, and provides general relaxation with the use of kneading techniques and long strokes.

Deep tissue massage is a concentrated massage technique that centers on relieving chronic muscle tension through the use of slow strokes and firm pressure on targeted muscle areas.

Athena’s pre-natal massage will take stress off of your tired body. Designed to help pregnant women feel great and enjoy a bit of special time all to themselves.

Athena, the premier Fort Collins spa, also offers wedding spa packages including the Wedding Bliss Spa Package. Take a break from the chaos of planning your big day and indulge in a day that is focused solely on pampering and relaxing you. Treatment begins with a signature facial, followed by a 30 minute massage and a skin smoothing body scrub. Finish off the day with a spa manicure and pedicure.

The Executive Spa package is another popular choice and is referred to as the ultimate indulgence. It starts with a 90 minute Swedish massage with your choice of scrub. It also includes a signature facial, spa manicure, pedicure and shampoo with style.

And you can be rest assured that all of the massage oils and lotions that Athena uses in their spa massage treatments are natural products that will leave your skin feeling nourished and healthy.

If you’re feeling run-down, make an appointment with Athena today and experience the relaxation that you deserve.

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