Turning Your Mane Disaster into a Fashion Success

Your locks are sprouting split ends like they were the latest trend. It’s long past time for that visit to the beauty salon. But you dread ending up, like always, with another disaster for a mane.

Girl HairYour hair is cursed, right? Maybe not. This two-step process may help you choose the hairstyle that will turn your next trip to the hair salon into a fashion success.

Know Your Face Shape

To get ready for your beauty salon trip, start by deciding what your face shape is. The basic shapes include oval, round, square, heart, and oblong. Here are a few hints for finding your shape:

Trace around your face in the mirror with a makeup pencil. Then decide. Does the shape look more like an oval with a roughly equal sized jawline and forehead width? Is it circular? Or broad and square? Do you have a wide forehead, wide cheekbones, a narrow jaw, and a heart-shaped hairline? Or is it long and straight, like a stretched out oval or an oblong?

Having trouble deciding? Ask! Sometimes, its hard to look at your own face objectively. Ask a friend, or better yet ask your stylist at your hair salon. The stylists at our Fort Collins hair salon have the training to answer that very question.

Learn the Right Styles for Your Shape

Knowing your face shape doesn’t do anything if you don’t know what styles suit it. You’ll want to discuss this question more fully when you visit the beauty salon. Come to our Fort Collins hair salon for answers. To get you started beforehand, however, here are a few suggestions:

  • Oval: You have the coveted face shape. Nearly every style suits your face. Your main focus? Deciding what facial feature you like best and want to highlight. Once you decide, your hair salon will have a wide range of options for you.
  • Round: Look for styles with height on top, not on the sides. Also, avoid bangs. They overpower a small face.
  • Square: Try wispy styles to soften your face shape. Avoid blunt bobs.
  • Heart: Choose styles that play up those cheekbones and try long, side-swept bangs to draw attention away from a pointy chin.
  • Oblong: Try wedges and bobs with layers that widen your face. Avoid height at the crown. This will only make your face look longer.

Now that you are armed with the tools for success, visit a Fort Collins hair salon for the hairstyle you’ve always dreamed about.

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