Green eye closeup with eye makeup.

Wearable Fall Beauty Trends

Green eye closeup with eye makeup.

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The trends rolling off of fashion runways this fall are fun, but let’s be honest – some fashion and beauty trends that come from top designers aren’t exactly wearable, right? We’ve take a few moments to put together a list of trends that are both fashionable and wearable enough that you won’t feel silly putting an outfit together.

1. Long lashes. When it comes to extending your lashes, we have a few tricks up our sleeves for you to try out. The first is to heat your eyelash curler before you apply mascara – the heat simply makes for a better curl. Just be careful not to burn yourself. The second is to come into our Fort Collins spa for some false eyelashes or for some eyelash extensions. Both of these treatments are painless, but you’ll see instantly longer lashes when created by expert hands.

2. Lots of bangs. When it comes to hair this season, think big and full bangs. If you aren’t sure whether or not you can pull off the bangs look, book an appointment with your Fort Collins spa to consult with an expert. Almost everyone can wear bangs, but you have to get the right bang cut for your face shape, and that has to match the overall haircut that you get.

3. Bold hair color. Shades of hair color this season aren’t about being subtle, but it’s not about going with hot pink either. Think bold brunettes, deep reds, and blondes that border on bleached, but just enough under that bottle blonde look to appear on the natural side.

4. A natural skin look. If there’s one trend that you should aim for all year long, it’s keeping your skin looking amazing. You can book a facial at your Fort Collins spa to give your skin that extra glow, and you can simply eat well and take your vitamins for a really clean skin look. Skin this fall isn’t about being overdone, it’s about being the natural shade that you are while sporting fresh and youthful clean skin.

5. Dramatic eyes: if you are going to wear eye makeup for a night out, this season is all about drama. Learn to create the perfect winged eye look, or go for bold black. The idea here is to stand out with some eye catching looks (pun intended).

6. Crazy ponytails: ponytails this season are embellished in all kinds of ways. From custom weaves that can be done at your Windsor hair salon to accessories that come tethered to an elastic, colors and braids and all kinds of things (like hanging pompoms) are part of this season’s latest hair trend.

7. Different parts. Try parting your hair different this season – go for a deep side part or part it in the middle if that’s more your style.

What We Can Do At Your Windsor Hair Salon

We love fall fashion as much as you do, and that means that our stylists are taking things to the next level this season. Come in and ask us about parting your hair differently, or what we can do when it comes to helping you get clearer skin. We offer all kinds of treatments for people of all ages – men too! Fall fashion isn’t just about following every trend, it’s about following the ones that work for you, and that means taking some and leaving some. But, really, we strongly advocate clean skin that’s free of any blemishes, and that’s something that you can achieve all year long.

Contact your Windsor Hair Salon today for additional details, or to book a consultation or appointment. We’re more than happy to show you what we can do this fall!

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