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Our Wedding Bliss Spa Package

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Weddings mark an amazing and important moment in your life. Your wedding day is the day that you will marry the person that you love and start your life together. While the day itself is magical and wonderful, all of those little details and bits of planning that go into making the day happen can drive a person crazy! After a few weeks of caterers, halls, wedding planners, and dress shopping, you may start to feel like you’re at your wit’s end — and rightly so.

This is where Athena’s ‘Wedding Bliss Spa Package’ comes in – and you’ll be thrilled that you read this, trust us! How does a day of pampering sound? Just you, the spa, and complete indulgence. If that sounds heavenly already, keep reading to find out what our special Wedding Bliss package includes. (We know that you are going to love it!)

Let’s Start With Your Face

Think about all the times that your face will be seen from now until your wedding day. Not only do you have to look amazing when it comes to the actual day (all of those photos!), but you’ll be meeting a ton of people throughout the planning process — plus, you probably have engagement photos lined up. Are you thinking about applying to be on one of those popular wedding shows like ‘Say Yes to the Dress?’ If so, there’s another reason to make sure that you come to us to being your wedding package.

We begin by giving you a relaxing and invigorating facial that is entirely customized according to your skin type. Our Signature Facial also includes Eminence Organic Skin Care products. Starting with cleansing, we’ll take your face to new levels through every stage of our amazing facial. When we’re done, your skin will glow!

We’re Not Done Yet…

After your Signature Facial, you’ll move on to our 30-minute massage followed by our signature skin soothing scrub. If you have any dead skin, we’ll make sure to get rid of it all, so that every inch of your perfect skin shines through. Our scrub is particularly great if any part of your wedding dress includes cut outs that show some skin — you’ll want your skin to look soft, pure, and moisturized, which is exactly what our scrub does. (Who can say no to a massage after all of that wedding planning tension build-up?)

Just a Few More Details

We also want your fingers and toes to look amazing after your treatment, which is why the last part of this package includes our spa manicure and pedicure. You pick the colors from the latest in nail polish trends, tell us how you want your nails to look (diamonds or no?), and we’ll do the rest. From scrubbing to massaging and finally painting, your nails have never looked better!

Optional Menu Items

We know that sometimes you want a bit extra (and who can blame you?). That’s where our optional menu comes in. In addition to the parts of this package that are included, you may also feel free to choose any one of our regular menu items to add to your overall Wedding Bliss pampering session. Whether you want to have your eyebrows done or your makeup perfected, anything that you want we can make happen. Menu items that you add to your package are offered at an additional fee, but you’re completely worth it!

Booking Your Spa Package

As you can imagine, wedding season around here can be kind of crazy! It’s a good idea to book your Windsor spa package well in advance, so that we can get you in on your preferred date. Sometimes, our packages book a month or two in advance, so keep this in mind! Otherwise, simply call Athena Salon, Spa, and Wellness to book. Ask about our salon services when you call to book too — we create some of the best wedding hairstyles around, and we’d love to create your perfect style too.

Our wedding spa packages are totally customizable, so let us know if there’s something you want that we don’t offer, and we’ll make it happen. Questions? Call us or find us on Facebook for additional details.

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