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Wellness is Often a State of Mind

Nick West

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Wellness is often a state of mind. How you are feeling physically can absolutely be affected by how you are feeling emotionally. So how can we feel good when we are feeling bad? That is a question I have found myself asking from time to time and here are a few thoughts to ponder about the subject.

  1. Clarify it first so you can address the situation at hand. Why are you feeling emotionally disjointed? What is happening?
  2. Is there anything you can do to take action to feel better or are they looming feelings that are residual after an argument or situation that already has been dealt with?
    1. If you can take action do so immediately. Have a conversation with any party involved. Try to resolve what you can. When we react emotionally it is often because we are feeling defensive or misunderstood. Approach the conversation from a place of patience and take responsibility for your feelings. This will allow the focus to be on how you feel and how it can be resolved rather than on what you feel the other person may doing that is effecting how you are feeling.
    2. If you are experiencing residual feelings after an issue has been resolved, then it is time to have a conversation with yourself. Understand that any feelings of discord within are an area to grow, to discover something new, to face a fear, to realize something deeper about you. It always makes me feel better to tell myself that there is something worthwhile here for me and that any learning can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable but in the end I have expanded myself and will be better for it.
  3. Trust it will all work itself out. Focusing on the positive will help you feel better about the situation and feeling better is certainly the goal. Keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. When negative thoughts roll in recognize them but then replace them with a thought that feels better.
  4. Recognize and be grateful for the lesson. Gratitude puts us in the positive frame of mind we need to be in to feel better. If it is hard to be grateful for the whole experience, find the pieces that you can be grateful for.

I believe we were not meant to go through life without moments that challenge us. If life was e easy, what growth would we experience? It is in our challenges when we grow the most. So grab hold and enjoy the ride, even if it is sometimes a bumpy one.

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