What a Prenatal Massage Can Do For You Fort Collins

What a Prenatal Massage Can Do For You

What a Prenatal Massage Can Do For You Fort Collins

There’s no doubt about it – pregnancy is rough on your body! For nine months (or more), your body will be playing host to another human being. That human being will grow larger, weigh more as the days increase, and put pressure on parts of your body that you never thought about until now – not to mention the hip and back pain that go along with lugging around such a heavy weight!

Sometime around the middle of your pregnancy you may really begin to feel the pressure from that growing baby. You may start to feel a lot of pain in your pelvis when you walk, your hips might be sore from sleeping on one side and then the other, and your feet may feel like two inflated balloons. Is there any relief? Yes! A prenatal massage can do wonders for your tired and aching body. Here’s what you can look forward to when you come into Athena spa for your prenatal massage.

Oh My Aching Back!

Why is your back hurting so much? Just think about all of that weight that you are carrying towards the front of your body. Not only do you have to handle the weight of your growing baby, but you also have to consider the weight of the fluids inside of you – believe it or not, most women drop 12-13 pounds right at birth from all that fluid and baby weight! So, it makes sense that your back will start to ache at some point. A massage therapist schooled in prenatal massage can help make those back pains go away.

Simple tell your massage therapist where your back is hurting the most, and she will work on relieving that tension during your massage session. You will quickly find that the simple act of rubbing your back in all the right spots helps to relieve a great deal of pressure, and you’ll feel better almost instantly.

Hip Pain Be Gone!

It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to complain about hip pain. Why? As your baby pulls and pushes to one side or the other, the alignment of your hips can be way off. This is why you might find yourself off balance occasionally too. Plus, you only have two options when it comes to sleeping positions – right hip or left! No wonder your hips are hurting so much!

What can a massage therapist do for your aching hips? Slight realignment isn’t entirely impossible when it comes to massage, and the simple act of massaging the right areas will help relieve hip pain a great deal. You’ll sleep better, have an easier time walking, and simply feel more loose and limber as you do make your way towards that due date (or past it!).

Stress Relief

Is there anything more stressful than waiting for a baby to arrive? It’s hard to think of another situation where things could be more up in the air! Massage can provide great stress relief, so that you can sleep better, get on with your day easier, and simply feel better about yourself. Plus, stress is not good for your blood pressure or for the baby, so the calmer that you can become, the better off you will be.

You don’t need a reason to book a prenatal massage during your pregnancy, so go ahead and indulge! After all, your body is doing some major work right now, and rewarding it with a massage that can relieve pain and pressure will do you a world of good. Call Athena today to book your prenatal massage – you deserve it!

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