Spaghetti strap back sunburn.

What Do You Do If You Do Burn?

Spaghetti strap back sunburn.

Sunburn CC Photo Courtesy of Kelly Sue DeConnick

If you decided not to protect yourself, or if you accidentally got a little more sun than you expected, you might be wondering how you can reverse the damage from your burn. While you can’t reverse all of the damage done to your cells, you can ease the pain and help your skin heal more quickly by following these simple, soothing steps:

Take an aspirin or ibuprofen. This will help reduce redness and swelling, and will make you feel a little bit better. Keep up the ibuprofen for the next 48 hours, in small doses. Other pain medications like acetaminophen (Tylenol) will reduce your pain but won’t reduce the swelling, so these are not preferred for treating sunburns.

Take an oatmeal bath to soothe the pain. Don’t let the water run too hot!

Do NOT scrub, pick, or peel your skin, or break any blisters that have formed. Do your best to keep your skin hydrated, and cover up or hide sections that are peeling. Keeping the skin moisturized is the first priority for helping it to heal.

Salon products that contain vitamins C and E are thought to limit skin damage, although this has not yet been proven.

If your sunburn causes you a fever, or if you have blisters that cover 20% or more of your body, seek medical attention.

We have several salon products that will help relieve and heal sunburned skin. Come in to Athena for a soothing facial spa treatment, and ask our skincare experts to help you determine the best product for healing your skin. Here are some of our favorite Eminence salon products, to get you started with an at-home facial spa regimen for your sun-damaged skin:

Cleanse with Coconut Milk Cleanser

This product will heal and hydrate your skin, and help to relieve the pain. It is gentle enough to use on skin that has been irritated by the sun.

Tone with Stone Crop Hydrating Mist

Stone crop salon products are great for hydrating and refreshing your skin, and will help sooth pain from sunburns!

Moisturize with Echinacea Recovery Cream 

This will help heal and hydrate your skin, and Echinacea is perfect for active skin recovery.

Boost your Moisturizer with Bright Skin Licorice Root Booster-Serum

This acts as a supplement to your moisturizer. Use this booster-serum under your moisturizer or mix them together for advanced healing, pigment-lightening, and hydration.

Calm Your Skin with Hibiscus Calendula Recovery Masque

This masque was designed to heal and hydrate your skin. It will help your skin feel cooler and hydrated, and is perfect for skin that has seen too much sun.

Treat Your Body with Stone Crop Body Lotion

If your body was sunburned too, don’t forget to treat it with a lotion that will heal it, reduce pigment (to prevent aging spots), and restore hydration! Stone Crop body lotion will help heal your body, while your facial spa regimen works to restore your face.

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