What’s New at Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness: Eufora Fort Collins

What’s New at Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness: Eufora

What’s New at Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness: Eufora Fort Collins

At Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness we are continually enhancing our education and had a great class with Eufora in September. Our ability to offer you the best in hair and wellness in Fort Collins is dependent on our constant learning of new approaches and techniques.

What Sets Eufora Apart

Eufora has set the bar high by using certified organic Aloe Vera gel as the base of their products, most products start with water. Aloe is a miracle plant and has many beneficial uses, it is rich in 200+ biologically active substances; including 75 nutrients, 20 minerals and 12 vitamins. The combination of nutrients, minerals and vitamins provides antibacterial and anti-viral properties, aloe is essential to cellular healing, renewal and growth. All of which we are after for our hair and skin.

Eufora is the only company that uses the required concentration certified organic Aloe Vera to harvest it’s full potential and benefits. In addition Eufora products are also composed of botanical ingredients and essential oils. No Sodium Laureth Sulfate, carcinogenic or suspected carcinogenic ingredients in any of their products. Keeping them healthy for you and the environment.

Athena is proud to be a green salon, and we continue to select products and companies that share our passion. Eufora is a great example of a company leading the way in our industry.

Our Favorite Eufora Products

Thickening Serum

Everyone woman wants lush and thick hair, not all of us are so blessed to be born with it. Eufora Thickening Serum steps up, where genetics opted out. The serum is a leave-in treatment that combines Eufora ProAmino Cell Complex, botanical extracts, amino acids and antioxidants; it is zero weight. Create a fuller, thicker blow out with it.

Curl’n Enhancing Shampoo

Yay for curls and for a product that works! Eufora delivers with their lightweight formula that enhances your natural waves and curls. The difference is that the Curl’n line works with your curls, not against them. Leaving each curl more defined and frizz free, no matter the texture of your hair, this line is for you.

Nourish Leave-In Hydration

The perfect moisturizing treatment. For daily use, this protein rich solution provides needed hydration and frizz control, without weighing down your hair or leaving it oily. In addition it protects against harmful UV damage and color fade. Great on all hair types and ideal for the Colorado winters.

Come in today to bring home our favorites and make an appointment for your next service with our stylist.

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