Why Is Weight Loss Such a Secret


What is the secret to weight loss and how do you learn it? This is an important question whether you’re just starting to lose pounds or whether you’ve been trying to for years. And why is the key to weight loss so often called a secret?

For starters, losing weight is often something we want to be intuitive but it just isn’t. Harmful habits, stressful schedules, and the demands of work and kids mean we don’t have time to focus on ourselves like we need. Losing weight becomes just another item on a checklist of “things to do this week,” and there’s no joy, either in looking great or the journey there.

On our own, weight loss looks complicated, confusing, discouraging. There are so many advertisements and trendy diet plans that it’s impossible to know where to start. Between a dozen low-calorie meals that don’t satisfy and the gym that isn’t really a gym, we are overwhelmed before even starting.

That is where the secret is: unlocking the unused power of the joy. Only the best salon will care about you enough to combine interest in appearance with genuine concern for helping you be the healthiest, happiest you can be. Yes, we need someone to come along and show us the simplicity of the process, giving us the key to weight loss. We were capable of this the whole time but simply didn’t know it.

This weight loss program will focus first on you as a person. It will look at your habits, behaviors, dreams, and goals. The point is not to get bogged down in thinking about change (action is important here), but to understand yourself first.

Once you know where you want to be, we put those goals into action. No one can think her way into a slimmer body, but if your dreams become powered by actions, then they will become reality. The second part of the program will focus on stabilizing blood sugar levels and overcoming the cravings for carbs and sugar. This will create a completely natural weight loss system, one that works with your body, not against it.

Here at Athena, we believe that losing weight is not just about changing the number on the scale. It’s also about feeling better about how you look, being more confident, and enjoying who you are as a person.

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