Why The Modern Man Needs A Professional Barber

Why The Modern Man Needs A Professional Barber

Why The Modern Man Needs A Professional Barber

The world of style has expanded greatly over the last couple of years, carving a space for the male aesthetic that’s bigger than it’s ever been before. There are more male models, more hair and beauty products for men, and more exposure for men’s fashion than there were just a handful of years ago. Today’s modern man is expected to keep up with grooming and style, to put his best foot forward to succeed in the arenas of love and career. This new trend has raised the bar for stylists and salon professionals to cater to male clients, and the barbershop arts are getting serious buzz lately!

In places along the Front Range, like Denver, Fort Collins, and Windsor, a barber who is trained and up-to-date is a more difficult thing to find. But there are many reasons why a man should take the time to find the right barber for him, in his area. Here are just a few reasons to help you (or your significant other) along in your search for a professional barber:

  1. Excellent at shorter styles

In traditional barber training, there is an emphasis on shorter styles, which are typically worn by men. Things like buzz cuts, military cuts, flat tops, fauxhawks, and many more come naturally to most barbers, so you know that you will get good results. It’s an art form to know how to blend well, keep margins clean, and create a natural feel to a short ‘do, so trust a barber to do it well.

  1. Facial hair grooming

Many guys these days are sporting facial hair, especially in Colorado, so it’s worthwhile finding a professional who can keep things trimmed and cleaned. Barbers in Windsor are experts at both trimming and shaving, and these things can easily be added to any haircut appointment, for a full-face refresh. Whether you just like a little stubble, or you’re growing out a full beard, it’s nice to have someone else do the shaping and keep it from looking too ragged.

  1. Modest investment

When it comes to hair care, grooming, and other products, generally men have it cheaper than the ladies. For a minimal amount of money, guys can get a haircut, a shave, a hot towel, and a neck cleanup, keeping them looking and feeling good without breaking the bank. And since the price point is so reasonable, there’s no excuse for not making regular barber appointments!

Feel like making such an investment today in your look or for someone special in your life? Contact us about our gift certificates- the perfect way to pamper yourself or your man!

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