A picture of some hair.

Why We Use Olaplex (And What It Is!)

A picture of some hair.

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Your hair goes through a lot from styling to to everyday wear and tear. If you color your hair or do any other extensive processes at your Windsor salon, you may see some breakage and other damage happening thanks to all of those treatments. This is exactly why we started to use a product called Olaplex–and, trust us, you’re going to love that we made this decision!

What Olaplex Does

What would you say to a product that completely protects your hair from any kind of damage, including color damage? We’re betting that you would say, “Yes!” Well, this is what Olaplex does. Whenever you color your hair or bleach it or do anything else to it that is considered a harsher type of treatment, you break hair bonds. Once those bonds are broken, you will see split ends, frizzy hair, and all kinds of other hair damage.

The developers of Olaplex have found a way to fuse the broken bonds that are in your hair, and this prevents further or new damage. This means that when you dye your hair or go from a drastic change like from red to platinum, your hair won’t break. Really. See why we decided to use this product?

Worth the Price?

At Athena, we offer Olaplex treatments for $60-$70 without a color process included (the price depends on the level of stylist you choose). If you decide to have Olaplex added to your hair during a color process, that price is $50-$60. This might seem like a lot of money to spend on your hair in addition to your usual color, but the alternative to not protecting your hair can be color that won’t stick, or hair that looks chemically burnt.

Does Olaplex work? Not only does this treatment work, the company has an entire Instagram feed about how well it does work. If you are curious, check out Olaplex’s Instagram account to see hair transformations, and pictures of people from salons across the globe that should have friend hair but don’t. We’re pretty sure that you’ll quickly see just how amazing this stuff is! You can also come into Athena and ask our stylists about Olaplex – many of our stylists are using this product themselves, it’s that good.

Keeping Your Mane Tame

Your hair is your pride and glory, right? That’s why it’s important to keep your hair looking amazing. You can go for all of those new colors and styles without breaking your hair or winding up with hair that looks overly processed and damaged. Before Olaplex arrived on the hair scene, hair was susceptible to all kinds of breakage, but that’s not the case anymore. If you have damaged hair or just want to protect it, let us know that you want to try out Olaplex.

As for your tresses this summer, we have a million amazing color techniques and styles ready for you. Looking for something new? Make sure to ask your colorist what’s happening in the world of color right now. You’ll see that there are many new techniques that will look amazing with your summer tan and wind swept beach waves! If you have a style in mind, we can make it happen. Just bring in a photo or a magazine clipping, and we’ll make sure it looks great on you.

At Athena, we do it all. From the latest hair styles and colors to a full nail spa, our goal is to pamper you! We also run an entirely organic salon, so you can feel good about coming to Athena for any of your haircare, makeup, or nail needs. Call us to hear about our spa services, or check out our website. If you have any questions about Olaplex, let us know here or on Facebook!

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