Windsor Hair Salon Offers Eyelash Conditioners and Extensions

If you have ever wished that you could gaze beguilingly through a beautiful veil of long, thick, luxurious lashes rather than the short, sparse outcrop of almost-there lashes that you currently possess, you’re not alone. Many believe that classic beauty often involves having long, thick lashes. So what’s a naturally puny-lashed girl supposed to do? From conditioning to extensions, the answer is waiting at your local Windsor Hair Salon.

Eye Lash Conditioning

Eye lashes are just like any other hair found on your head and need to be treated gently and with care to avoid breakage or damage.  Professional beauty salons offer eye lash conditioning treatments that can keep lashes looking healthy and full and can also encourage growth. In addition to professional eye lash conditioning, salons also recommend that women take care of their lashes by treating them gently when wearing and removing makeup. Also, don’t even think about going to bed with eye makeup on. Make sure to remove mascara before going to bed or risk long-term damage to lashes.

Athena Salon and Spa also offers professional and organic eye lash conditioning treatments that will gently yet effectively revitalize your lashes, making your eyes pop and enhancing the natural beauty of your face.

Eye Lash Extensions

If you’re looking for more eye drama and mascara and conditioning treatments just aren’t doing it for you, you may want to consider eye lash extensions. It’s always a good idea to book an appointment with a Windsor hair salon to the get the most professional, natural-looking lash extensions possible. The procedure involves using a special glue to add 50-60 lashes to each of the upper lash lines.

You may also want to consider false eyelash clusters which are only meant to be worn for a few hours or a day at the most. Eyelash extensions are semi permanent, should be expertly applied by beauty salons and usually take anywhere from three to six weeks to fall out.  Eyelash extensions create the look of thick, dark, and smoldering lashes for those that may have naturally sparse or lightly shaded eye lashes.

Whether you’re considering eye lash conditioning or eye lash extensions, check with your local salons for options and recommendations.  With a number of options available, you too can have the long and luxurious lashes that you’ve always wanted!

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