Winterizing: It’s For Your Body Too.

The summer sun may still blaze high, but fall’s dipping temps lurk just around the corner. With that cool weather comes dry skin and scaly hands. Thankfully, incorporating a few DIY tips and some salon services into your lifestyle can help you stay your beautiful best all winter long.


The Face

The most obvious place to start? The face. It’s the first thing most people notice and often the first thing to suffer during temperature changes.


Winter has a two-fold attack on the face. Cold dries out and reddens your skin. So do indoor heating systems. What’s the solution? Get some moisture! At home, keep a humidifier going. It will restore the moisture that your heater sucks out of the air.


Wondering what salon services can help your face? Make facials your best friend. Choose a facial that hydrates your face. You might want to start these facials before the cold weather strikes. Remember what they say about an ounce of prevention?


The Skin

Facials just take care of the face. But that’s not the only skin that winter dries out, right? So what do you do about the rest of your body?


Once again, using that humidifier makes a great start. Choose baths over showers as often as possible. They dry out your skin less. On a similar note, use moisturizers after bathing. This will help lock the moisture in. If you’re following all these hints and your skin is healthy but looking pale and tired, consider getting a spray tan at your salon to get back some of that summer glow.


Those Digits

Your face may be the first thing people look at when they meet you, but your hands are often the first thing they touch. Don’t let others remember you as the one with the reptile handshake.


Wear gloves. Dry your hands well after washing and then use a good lotion. Don’t forget the manicure. Not only does a manicure keep your hands looking beautiful, a nice defense against the winter blues, but moisturizing treatments will keep them soft and healthy.


Your feet may not make as big an impression as your hands, but don’t forget about them. Get pedicures to keep the scaly, dry look at bay.


Remember, pairing  home prevention tips with the right salon services, such as a pedicure, manicure, or a facial, can create an armor against winter’s assault.

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