Oil makeup containers

Winter’s Coming: Is Your Skin Ready?

Oil makeup containers

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Winter is coming! Something that we all can agree on, whether we like winter or not, is that winter weather wreaks havoc on your skin! Sure, your Fort Collins spa can help you out, but how can you maintain healthy skin at home during the dry, miserably cold days of winter? Here are some tips you can take that will minimize the trips you take to the Windsor salon.

  • Keep it cool. When the temperature plummets, we have the urge to turn up the heat. Aside from a high bill, heat depletes the moisture in the air, which in turn dries skin out. Keeping things between 68°F and 72°F can help. (Keep it even cooler if you can stand it!)
  • Pick up a humidifier. While you can keep the temperature low in order to maximize the moisture in the air, it will still be dry, but you can fight back by moisturizing the air with a humidifier.
  • Switch up your skincare. If your skin gets extra dry in the winter, you should avoid astringents that act to dry out the skin. Are you keen on a moisturizer, but it just isn’t enough during the winter months? See if it comes in an extra-moisturizing form. Read through the labels, and try to find alcohol-free cleansers. (Unless you have super oily skin, then stick with what is best.) Don’t skimp on the hydrating masks offered by your Fort Collins spa either! If you can’t visit on a regular basis, talk to your beautician about at-home options worth checking out.
  • Cool down the shower. Just as hot air is more drying, so is hot water. Resist the urge to follow up a late-night shoveling session with a long, hot shower, no matter frozen-to-the-bone you are! Keep the temperature as close to lukewarm as your body can stand, otherwise you run the risk of drying out your skin. What’s more, keep your shower short. The less contact your skin has with the warm water, the less chance it will become dried out.
  • Don’t forget the lips. A great lip balm is your best friend in the winter months. Without it, you run the risk of your lips cracking and splitting due to dryness. Choose a lip balm with at least 30SPF protection to prevent premature aging and skin cancer due to sun exposure.
  • Moisturize. This should be a given. At this point in your life, you’ve probably found the lotion that works best for you, whether it’s cream or body butter. But did you know that you should apply your moisturizer directly out of the shower? This helps trap in moisture and reduce the chances you’ll end up itchy later on.
  • Put your dogs to bed properly. While feet need to be pampered in the summer (sandal season, need I say more?), you should be caring for your feet throughout the cold winter months as well. Get a pedicure at the Windsor salon, and in between, moisturize them while you sleep. Just slather on your favorite moisturizer and throw on a pair of socks to keep it locked in, instead of all over your sheets. If you are participating in activities out in the snow, be sure you change your socks immediately afterward.
  • On-the-go moisture. Be sure you’re carrying around a small container of your favorite hand cream. The winter means cold and flu season, another drawback of the dry air. This means increased hand washing, which in turn means dry skin. Be prepared to moisturize every time you wash so that you don’t end up with cracked, dry hands. You’ve probably noticed that handsoap in public places isn’t exactly moisturizing – it’s actually quite the opposite, especially when you visit a doctor’s office. The exposure of your bare hands to cold temperatures can also lead to cracking and dryness, yikes!

When it seems like your skin has had enough of the winter weather, stop into your Fort Collins spa for a little pampering – you deserve it!

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