Women Over 50 Spending More Online for Beauty Products

With the rise in beauty websites, women between the ages of 50 and 80 years are spending increasing amounts on the internet for cosmetic products, from skincare to make-up and haircare products. Many customers are in search of anti-ageing products that will turn back the hands of time, such as products for fine lines and facial wrinkles.

It is thought that the trend is due to Hollywood stars who continue to defy the ageing process. Cher, age 66 is said to look 20 years younger than her age. Other stars such as Kim Catrall, Madonna and Michelle Pfeiffer are in their 50’s yet continue to look youthful. There seems to be alot of pressure out there to look young and beautiful from society in general.

Athena Salon, Spa & Wellness Center offers quality spa and salon services in northern Colorado. They employ educated and experienced skin, hair massage, waxing and nail professionals. They are quite unique from your normal everyday salons. Their salon services provide organic and natural treatments rather than harmful chemical based products. Even their hair coloring products are environmentally friendly, which is not like other salons. They offer personalized packages and also offer a holistic spa and salon experience.

When it comes to gift giving, there is always someone on your list that seem impossible to buy for, especially the one who seems to have everything. Athena’s offers gift cards, that way your friend or family member can choose a service that is specially personalized to suit their wants or needs.

Athena’s offers a wide variety of services, including facials, body scrubs, massages, wraps and hair removal. Massages are not just a luxury, but can also have amazing health benefits. Most clients recognize that a massage helps the neck, shoulder pain and back pain. It can also bring relief to migraines, fibromyalgia, sciatic nerve pain, depression, osteoarthritis and anxiety. It can reduce cortisol levels and can increase white blood cell counts to help fight infection.

Unlike regular salons, their salon services offer manicures and pedicures, hair services with ammonia free hair color that adds new tone, enhances shine and intensity to natural hair. Their make-up services offer mineral make-up and also offers free color matching for choosing the best product for your skin. Paraffin hand and foot bathes.

Whether you just want to relax, purify or beautify, Athena’s can personalize their services for you. You will feel like you are experiencing a little bit of heaven, so treat yourself, your friends or a family member today.

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