young boy pouting.

Your Child’s First Salon Visit

young boy pouting.

Kid CC Photo Courtesy of Ted McGrath

As children walk the halls of their schools this fall, they may come home with ideas for hair styles, nail colors, or clothing that they’ve recently found. Back-to-school shopping may continue as kids see what others are wearing at school. Your Windsor hair salon is able to give your child the newest look, just as she wants.

Teaching salon etiquette is just like teaching your child to order off a menu or navigate the library. You want her to be comfortable in this setting so that she can fully relax and appreciate the benefits. If your youngster is asking for a trip to the salon for the first time, here are some things you should know before booking a pedicure or haircut appointment.

Consider the child’s maturity level. This criterion is different from biological age, since children mature at different rates. One salon owner has seen five-year-olds capable of sitting still during a haircut and carrying on a conversation with the stylist.

After a discussion about the schedule, have her call to set the appointment. Assuming she’s younger, this will give her a good sense of responsibility, scheduling, and planning. It will also teach her to think ahead to keep on task with a schedule of regular haircuts, pedicures, and facials to keep her looking her best.

Remind her about the importance of an appointment. Setting an appointment means that she and her stylist are respecting each other’s time. She should be ready on time and remember the stylist’s name.

Teach her to proper interactions with the salon stylists. For example, tell your child to walk up to the front desk, introduce herself, and say who she has an appointment with.  Brief her beforehand in the best salon topics of conversation (hint: fashion, beauty, local events, and the weather. Anything else is too personal and heavy-handed for your stylist and everyone around you.)

Step back. This is an important part of your child’s first salon appointment. She is the client now at your Windsor hair salon, and her relationship with the stylist should be allowed to grow. You can step in briefly if she’s struggling to articulate or is asking for something you don’t allow (such as neon-colored hair). Otherwise, let her communicate with the stylist. Who knows, they could be talking around this same barber’s chair for many years to come!

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