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  • Show Your Feet Some Love This Winter

    Show Your Feet Some Love This Winter

    It’s the season of snow boots and comfy loafers, of hiking shoes and slippers, and it’s easy to forget about the state of your feet under all those layers. Summer is typically thought of as the season for pedicures and maintaining smooth, beautiful feet, but it’s important to give them some love in the winter

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  • Prenatal Massage Is A Wonderful Investment- Here’s Why

    Prenatal Massage Is A Wonderful Investment- Here’s Why

    The benefits of massage therapy have been accepted by both the holistic and conventional traditions of medicine, and people all over the Front Range consider massage to be an important part of their self-care. Whether it’s practiced in a health spa or therapist’s office, massage can be a worthwhile investment in your wellbeing, and nowadays,

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  • feetmassage

    The Benefits of Ashiatsu Massage

    Have you ever wished that your massage therapist could apply more pressure consistently in order to get deep into those tissues that are aching? Ashiatsu massage is the answer to that deep tissue tension problem. This form of massage involves the massage therapist using his or her feet instead of hands to access those deeper

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  • Transitioning Your Skin from Winter to Spring

    Now that Spring is here, there are a few things that you have to do differently when it comes to your skincare routine. The harsh winter winds and dry skin period (especially if you have been in extreme temperatures all winter long – outdoors or in!) can really cause a lot of trouble for all

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  • Athena Salon and Spa Blog

    Spas and Kids: How Young Is Too Young?

    We all want the very best for our kids. Whether it’s enrolling them in the best schools or signing them up for private violin lessons, we want them to have a better life than we ourselves had. Look at your typical birthday party when we were growing up, and compare that to the birthday parties

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  • A fish pedicure.

    3 Spa Treatments from Around the World

    I’m sure you’ve heard about some crazy spa treatment, usually associated with someone rich and famous, that you aren’t sure you’ll ever try. It seems as if someone famous tries it, everyone wants in. News reports surface about why exactly the seemingly insane treatment works (or doesn’t). Spas in Windsor and everywhere around the world

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  • A lady getting a hot stone massage.

    Our Executive Package

    The word executive means “having the power to put plans, actions, or laws into effect.” You don’t have to run a company in order to have this power, and you definitely don’t have to be on any board in order to enjoy our Executive package! There are probably plenty of things that you are in control

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  • Woman having lunch or whatever meal this is.

    Best Beauty Etiquette Tips

    There are so many things to think about when it comes to being a woman! It can be tough to remember them all, or to know what to do in every situation. With beauty and the things that we all do to be beautiful comes a number of etiquette tips. To know what to do

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  • Athena Salon and Spa Blog

    Our Warrior Spa Package

    As a woman, you do many things every day, right? You may go to work, take care of the kids, hit the gym, run races occasionally, make dinner, and tend to all the other things that a woman manages to (amazingly!) balance day in and day out. We’re betting that you barely break a sweat

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  • Round candles burning.

    Our Wedding Bliss Spa Package

    Weddings mark an amazing and important moment in your life. Your wedding day is the day that you will marry the person that you love and start your life together. While the day itself is magical and wonderful, all of those little details and bits of planning that go into making the day happen can

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  • Man with his feet on a scale trying to lose weight.

    A New Year, A New You

    Love it or hate it, a new year is almost upon us. When the ball has dropped and the calendar is replaced on the wall, many begin to make New Year’s resolutions. According to Statistic Brain, 45 percent of Americans typically make New Year’s resolutions each year without fail, while 38 percent choose to avoid

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  • Family room during the holiday season.

    The Key to a Peaceful Holiday

    That time of year is fast approaching. You know, the dreaded holidays. The time when stress builds with each passing day, when you remember the thousands of things on your to-do list. How are you supposed to get everything checked off your shopping list and get your house ready to receive the multitudes of guests

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  • Eye makeup

    Four Best Spa Treatments to Alleviate Holiday Stress

    It’s that time of year again! The time of year when parents with small kids start stressing out about holiday gifts and the stores start switching Halloween decorations for reindeer and tinsel. Even though the holiday season can be a lot of fun, it can also be very stressful! So, how can we take a

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  • Soap blocks

    Shampoo Ingredients to Avoid

    At our Windsor salon, our top priority is your body and hair care, and that includes letting you know about some shampoo ingredients you should avoid completely. Our Windsor salon experts only use the best products, so you can be sure that anything we use is safe, but you should also be certain that the

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  • Curly hair

    Here’s How You’re Breaking Your Hair!

    Did you know that your hair can break? Hair can literally snap in pieces at certain lengths leaving you with small little remnants of the tresses that once were. Yikes! There are so many habits that we all do daily that can lead to breakage, and you may not even know that your hair on

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  • Oil makeup containers

    Winter’s Coming: Is Your Skin Ready?

    Winter is coming! Something that we all can agree on, whether we like winter or not, is that winter weather wreaks havoc on your skin! Sure, your Fort Collins spa can help you out, but how can you maintain healthy skin at home during the dry, miserably cold days of winter? Here are some tips

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  • Paper turtle

    Why Green Spas Matter

    Sustainability is becoming a big issue with more and more people all over the world, and for good reason! It is about saving our planet, and so much more – it’s about educating an entire community about why “going green” is important, and the value of supporting a green business. The Fort Collins spa that

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