Makeup Tips from a Pro

Although we have our own professional, award-winning makeup artists here at Athena, we wanted to showcase another professional’s opinion.

Robert Cook, a 45 year old makeup artist, is also the Lancome spokesman for the Home Shopping Network. He paid a visit to the Dillard’s in Victoria Mall in Texas last Wednesday as he often does while he’s traveling around the country visiting department stores and giving women makeovers. Not only does he spend his time focusing on Lancome’s specialty products, he has also worked in Hollywood on some very famous faces including Alec Baldwin and the late Heath Ledger.
makeup tips and facials from a pro
Amazingly, he used to paint as a child. He started painting when he was 5 years old; his parents recognized that he had a gift. Fortunately for his clients, he felt that painting was too quiet for him and he discovered that he would rather be around other people. He then got a job at a department store and saw women getting makeovers and then uncovered his passion for makeup.Even though he has transformed some very famous clients, Mr. Cook’s passion lies with the type of makeup that would appeal to women he finds in his travels, perhaps even in a hair salon. He is a fan of good skin care, he believes starting out with a fresh clean canvas is key to creating a great look. Women having facials before their makeover may have the right idea, just as you would clean off all of your old fingernail polish before you have a manicure.Just as a fresh canvas is important, so are having fresh materials to work with. According to Mr. Cook, a tube of mascara can be used completely in 3 months, and that’s also the longest time it should be kept. Any longer and you risk the possibility of bacteria being incorporated into the mascara through the wand.

Most women, he says, just want things simple. They would like their makeup to be as easy to apply as it is to get a manicure, but getting a manicure is a little more straight forward than makeup application. Having facials might be a first step in keeping things as easy as possible, you might even be able to get your facials done in the hair salon while having your hair done. The more uncomplicated makeup application is, the better things are for busy women.

All women may not need makeup, but if there is a particular area you feel might need some work, it would be worth the effort to learn how to apply your makeup and wear what you think you need to feel your best. A makeover and a trip to the hair salon can be a great way to lift your spirits.

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