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    Getting Married This Year? Don’t Forget to Book Your Spa Time!

      The season of weddings is upon us here in Colorado, and thousands of brides and grooms are preparing for their big day. Among the planning and organizing, choosing the table linens and hiring a photographer, don’t forget to book your spa and salon professionals too. If you are getting married this year, and want

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    Make Your Salon Spa Time a Family Affair

    When we think of salons and spas in Northern Colorado, we typically think of patrons that are women between the ages of 20-60. Over the past few years, we have seen more and more men frequent their local salons too, but the fun doesn’t end there. A comprehensive salon has services that appeal to the

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    Get a Summer Tan Without the Sun

    Summer is finally here in Colorado, and it’s time to pull the cute dresses and tank tops out of your closet. But if they don’t look that great against your pale winter skin, you may be thinking of how to get a tan, and fast! You may not have time for a beach vacation, and

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    Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer

    Your hair is a reliable indicator of your overall health, and you want your locks to be strong, soft, and shiny. After all, when our hair looks good, we feel good! But it can be a challenge to know how to care for our hair properly, especially in the heat of summer. If you want

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  • Men Deserve Some Pampering Too

    In the health and beauty industry, you’ll notice that many services are geared towards women and most advertisements feature women. And while women continue to be the largest demographic enjoying these types of services, more and more men are discovering the value in self-care. Salons, spas, and clinics are noticing that men are taking more

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  • Foot Care 101

    Our feet carry us everywhere we go, and yet, they are one of the most neglected parts of our body. Unlike our face or hands, we typically do not think to take good care of our feet, and this can lead to discomfort and other problems down the road. If you want to enjoy strong,

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  • Hair Color Ideas For The Spring Season

    It can be fun to change up your look when the seasons change, and springtime is a popular time to choose a new hair color. Whether your hair is short or long, and whether your style is bold or conservative, there is a perfect shade out there for you! From the fashion runways and celebrity

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  • Spring Break Beauty Tips

    As the weather slowly begins to warm up, and the first tulips push their way up out of the ground, everyone in Colorado has springtime on the brain. Many people take time off during spring break to travel, relax, and spend time with loved ones, and whether you’re heading towards a tropical destination or not,

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  • Athena Salon Spa & Wellness named a top 200 Salon

    ATHENA SALON, SPA & WELLNESS NAMED TO THE SALON TODAY 200 BY SALON TODAY MAGAZINE BUFFALO GROVE, IL (January 2017) – ATHENA SALON, SPA & WELLNESS in Windsor, Colorado, owned by Angie Lund recently was named to the SALON TODAY 200 by SALON TODAY, the leading business media for salon and spa owners. The magazine’s

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  • Tips For Winter Beauty Upkeep

    Tips For Winter Beauty Upkeep

    When the cold winds blow and the streets are covered with snow, it can be easy to slack on your self-care routine. After all, long pants and bulky sweaters make it hard to see the value of keeping up with waxing, plucking, shaving, and polishing. However, you deserve to feel beautiful all year round, and

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  • 5 Reasons To Switch To Natural Makeup This Year

    5 Reasons To Switch To Natural Makeup This Year

    The art of makeup has really taken off this past year, and with the concern over toxic chemicals and animal testing, natural makeup brands are finally getting a chance to shine. If you have been stuck in a rut with your usual drug store makeup, or want to start making better choices for your health,

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  • Get Ready For The Holidays At Your Favorite Salon

    Get Ready For The Holidays At Your Favorite Salon

    The season of parties and traveling is here, and we all want to look our best and feel confident when making new friends and catching up with long lost relatives. Most of us are quite busy this time of year, between shopping, wrapping up work projects, and organizing get-togethers, and perhaps we don’t have the

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  • Show Your Feet Some Love This Winter

    Show Your Feet Some Love This Winter

    It’s the season of snow boots and comfy loafers, of hiking shoes and slippers, and it’s easy to forget about the state of your feet under all those layers. Summer is typically thought of as the season for pedicures and maintaining smooth, beautiful feet, but it’s important to give them some love in the winter

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  • Give Your Hair A New Lease On Life With Eufora

    Give Your Hair A New Lease On Life With Eufora

    We can be pretty hard on our hair sometimes. We wash it, blowdry it, straighten it or curl it, and dye it all sorts of colors. But all of that can add up to some serious damage over time, so it’s important to have a salon in Fort Collins that has the tools you need

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  • 5 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Like A Million Bucks

    5 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Like A Million Bucks

    As we head into the colder months and the holiday season approaches, we can all feel the stress start creeping in. And when we feel frazzled and overbooked, our self-care routines often take a hit, and we end up feeling worse about ourselves. So whether you are getting ready for another company gathering, or are

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  • Prenatal Massage Is A Wonderful Investment- Here’s Why

    Prenatal Massage Is A Wonderful Investment- Here’s Why

    The benefits of massage therapy have been accepted by both the holistic and conventional traditions of medicine, and people all over the Front Range consider massage to be an important part of their self-care. Whether it’s practiced in a health spa or therapist’s office, massage can be a worthwhile investment in your wellbeing, and nowadays,

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  • 5 Perks To Having A Professional Barber

    5 Perks To Having A Professional Barber

    The last few years have seen a renaissance in the haircare and barber arts industry, and more and more men are searching for a professional barber to call their own. Beards, mustaches, and stylish haircuts are trending heavily right now, and men are starting to invest more in their appearance and self-care routine. And while

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