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  • athena1_aug 2017

    6 of Summer 2017’s Best Nail Trends

    Treating yourself to a professional spa manicure is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to unwind. After all, following your relaxing soak, hand massage, and nail shaping, you get to walk away with a great new polish color! Our nails are an easy way that we can express ourselves, show our style, and

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  • It’s Pedicure Season- Are Your Feet Ready?

    It’s Pedicure Season- Are Your Feet Ready?

    Spring is officially here, and the whole state of Colorado is bursting to life! You probably already have your summer clothes pulled out of storage, and you are ready to spend time in the warm sunshine. But what about your feet? After months of thick socks, snow boots, and dry air, they may not be

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  • Snag These Spring Colors For Your Next Manicure

    Snag These Spring Colors For Your Next Manicure

    The warm weather and blooming fields are nearly upon us, and with that fresh new burst of energy comes some new beauty trends. Every season, the style and fashion world shifts points of view, and emphasizes something fun and different for people to take part in. Maybe you are a salon regular, and love getting

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  • Fall Nail Trends Fort Collins

    Fall Nail Trends

    Fall is here, the weather is cooler, sweaters and boots are back and that means it’s time to upgrade your nails. Here is a look at our favorite manicure and pedicure trends for Fort Collins. Color, Color, Color Light Pink What’s better to offset the dark tones of fall then a pretty in pink manicure.

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  • Ways to Make a Pedicure Last Longer Fort Collins

    Ways to Make a Pedicure Last Longer

    Everyone wants to have nice looking feet well into the fall months – if you can get away with wearing sandals, why not, right? But getting a pedicure once a month can also be expensive. That’s why it’s a good idea to try and make your pedicures last as long as possible. There are some

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  • nail-varnish-674422_640

    Acrylic, Gel, or Shellac? What Type of Manicure to Get

    When you first walk into a salon, trying to figure out what kind of manicure to get can be difficult. Most people want to save as much money as possible on a manicure-pedicure combo, but sometimes saving a buck or two on a manicure isn’t really beneficial. Why? Certain types of manicures last longer than

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  • spring nails

    Spring Nail Trends 2015

    We love the change in seasons because it means new hair and nail trends! This year, no model walked down any runway without having some kind of nail art, but it’s not the art that was popular last season. This season’s nail art is more understated and less graphic. Ready for a change? Here are

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  • feetmassage

    The Benefits of Ashiatsu Massage

    Have you ever wished that your massage therapist could apply more pressure consistently in order to get deep into those tissues that are aching? Ashiatsu massage is the answer to that deep tissue tension problem. This form of massage involves the massage therapist using his or her feet instead of hands to access those deeper

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  • Woman having lunch or whatever meal this is.

    Best Beauty Etiquette Tips

    There are so many things to think about when it comes to being a woman! It can be tough to remember them all, or to know what to do in every situation. With beauty and the things that we all do to be beautiful comes a number of etiquette tips. To know what to do

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  • Nail polish

    10 Tips For Amazing Nails

    Looking down at your fingers to see dirt, dried up cuticles, and rigid edges can make anyone feel out of place (especially if you’re heading out for a nice evening and your nails don’t match your dress!). But, don’t worry; you can have amazing nails without too much effort. Our beauty salon nail experts at Athena (your Fort

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  • fingernail painting

    The Acrylic vs. Gel Debate

    Here at Athena Salon, Spa & Wellness, we offer gel nails. While they’re relatively new here in the States, ladies in Europe have been receiving them for quite some time. Chances are you don’t know much about them, except that they look great. But don’t acrylic nails look just as great? The answer to that

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  • purple star nails

    New In Nails: What’s Hot

    Getting your nails done is a really quick way to feel great. Plus, nail art has come a long way over the past few years, and now you can do practically anything with your nails (just don’t bite them!). This spring, there are a lot of really fun new nail trends to try out, so

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  • painted nails

    Ways to Ditch That Stress

    Whether it’s a certain person in your life or a situation that you’re dealing with, stress is never a good thing. Stress hormones can cause you to look older, cause your skin to appear tired and worn, and result in giving you an overall disheveled appearance. Because you can’t get rid of all those things

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  • candles

    Your Pre-Wedding Glow Guide

    All eyes will be on you when your wedding day arrives – not to mention all cameras! That means looking your absolute best from head to toe, and nothing will generate that glow more than the right salon services and a perfect beauty regimen. If you have enough time, start preparing for your wedding day

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  • TheKarenD

    Taking Care of Your Nails at Home

    Going to your Windsor salon for regular manicures and pedicures can be a great way to take care of your nails. But what should you do in between appointments? And how can you get the best result from a manicure? If your nails have small ridges, dents, or areas of unusual color, read on. Here,

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  • massage

    How to Choose a Spa in Your City

    Spa experiences are often thought of as fitting only for people who have plenty of disposable income, or as a special treat, or the perfect gift. While a trip to the spa is often the best gift you can give someone, the experience doesn’t need to be only for the upper-crust. You can incorporate spa

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  • baby foot

    Nail Care for Children and Teens

    Nail care for adults is often easy, since we have years of caring for our nails and know what to expect. Or at least, we know when to schedule the next manicure and pedicure to take care of all the problems! But what about children? What’s the best way to take care of their nails,

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