5 Tips for Hot Fall Nails

The leaves are changing colors and temperatures are getting cooler which means that fall is officially on its way. Changes in season also signal fun changes in looks and trends in nail salons across the nation and we’ve got the hottest nail trends sure to warm up your chilly fingers this season.

Creamy Teal, Bright Purple and Berry Tones 

Although it might sound like more of a spring or summer trend, the best manicures this fall consist of cool-colored hues including creamy teal, bright purples and lots of dark berry tones.  Make sure you’re sticking with richer tones that are lush, luxurious and smoldering.

Fall Colors

A nice contrast to the deep, cool tones described above is another one of this season’s must-have nail palettes – the colors of fall foliage.  Take a cue from the beautiful array of leaves falling from the trees. Rusty reds, burnt orange, and golden hues are all the rage and are sure to keep your fingertips tipping the scale of nail chic.

Chocolates and Browns

Decadent chocolate truffles and hot cocoa are the inspirations behind this next autumn trend. The beauty of brown is hot this fall due to its muted nature and cozy charm. It’s a welcome substitution to beige without being boring.


The overcast skies of fall will have nothing on your stylish digits when you’re rocking the concrete tones of grey. A chic way to transform your fall wardrobe is to counteract it with a punch of cloudy grey perfection. Dark, light, or somewhere in-between, any shade of grey will keep you warm this fall.

Velvet Nails

One of the most eye-catching nail art trends of the season is the velvet nail manicure. This technique combines a layer of matte polish mingled with a powdery texture that creates the illusion of beautiful crushed velvet nails. The best manicures  incorporate color and texture and that’s exactly what the velvet nail manicure does. Besides, what better way to signal the coming of fall then by shrouding your nails with fall’s most luxurious fabric?

Try a  fun, fall manicure and be confident that you’re sporting the season’s hottest looks!

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