Hot Fall Pedicure Trends

Despite the fact that our toes are often buried in heavy socks and fashionable boots during the fall and winter months, that doesn’t mean that we can neglect our toes. Our tootsies play an important role in our body’s overall health and wellness and they deserve the same respect as our beautifully manicured fingers.

In addition, toenails are merely another blank canvass that we can use to express ourselves even when the weather’s cold outside. There are a number of hot pedicure trends this season that your premier Windsor salon can apply that will leave your toes glowing from beneath the layers of clothing. This season’s trending and best pedicures include a variety of interesting color palettes and gradients.

Nude Pedicure

This is a fresh and natural pedicure style. The important thing to remember when going nude is that impeccable grooming of nails is necessary to keep it looking fresh and clean due to the natural colors used in this type of pedicure which include light pinks, warm milks, natural beiges or even a lack of polish. This trend also consists of an oval or soft square nail shape.

French Pedicure

A classic look, the French pedicure is timeless and remains one of the best pedicures for the classic beauty. However, there are a number of French pedicures with a twist this season including the pedicure moon style where the nail hole at the bottom of the nail is covered with bright paint and the rest of the nail is dark.

Red Pedicure

The color red is in this fall. Applying a red lacquer from bright red to a softer burgundy is very trendy while still maintaining a classic look.

Neon Colors

Another trending pedicure style is the use of neon colors including bright and flashy yellows, blues, pinks and greens. Combined with an interesting print on your clothing or bag, these neon hues will ensure that your toes are trending this season.

Gradient Pedicure

One of the best pedicures available this season is the fashionable gradient pedicure which involves the transition of color from nail to nail or the gradual evolution of colors on a single nail. The most fashionable colors for a gradient pedicure are a black color that evolves into either blue or purple.

For the best pedicures around, visit your premier Windsor salon. And don’t let your toes go unnoticed this season.


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