Novelty Nail Polish Trends

Do you love the look of a fresh manicure? Would you like to spice this look up and don’t know exactly where to begin? Why not turn to some of the fun novelty nail polish trends?

Where can you get the ideas for your fresh new look? You could turn to beauty magazines or you can turn to the beauty experts at your favorite beauty salons. After all, these are the people who know what is in style in your particular area. These trained experts can give you the best pedicures in the area and tell you what is new in manicure procedures.

First, think color. What colors are popular in your area? Are you seeing a lot of the Crayon look in manicures? Yes, this is the nail polish look that resembles all those fun shades of Crayons that you use to play with as a child. Sometimes this look is also referred to as the neon look. You may even want to ask about this look when you are treating yourself to one of those best pedicures in town at any of your favorite beauty salons. They can make your toes pop and draw attention to any new pair of sandals.

Next, one should think about a polish that is long wearing. This is the trend that is making all those gel polishes so popular. Women love polishes that can wear for long periods. All the beauty salons know this and many are carrying these special types of polishes that come in many shades. Their major draw is the fact that they can be applied to the nail and remain perfectly smooth, as well as shiny for up to two weeks, without any chipping.

Another novelty nail polish that is slowly gaining in attention is the magnetic one. Have you ever thought that a nail polish could be magnetic? Well, some actually are magnetic. These are special brands of nail polish that contains small metallic particles. These particles will react and move once they come into contact with a special magnet that is also sold with the polish. How does it work? One simply applies the polish to the nails or even their toes during their favorite or best pedicure treatments. Then they wait for the polish to dry. Once the polish is completely dry, they place the special magnet over the nail. The polish will begin to move because of the special metallic particles. This is a trend that is especially loved by young adults.

Of course, some novelty trends will come and go very quickly. Other trends may stand the course of time. Do any of these trends interest you? Will you ask about them during your next manicure visit at your favorite beauty salon or when getting one of their best pedicures?

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