Amazing New Nail Polish – Check out how it works!


CC Image Courtesy of TheKarenD.

Are you tired of your nail polish not staying on longer than a few days? I know I was. I would get a great manicure and my nails would look amazing for a few days but with my hands in water and chemicals the polish would begin to chip. No matter what type of polish I used and how I cared for my nails, I always had an issue. But no more!

Last month we started carrying Creative Nails, Shellac Nail colors. It is as thin as polish but it is put on using a Ultraviolet lamp and the polish is cured to make it extra strong. Once it is done curing and all layers are put on (base coat, 2 coats of color, and top coat) a little alcohol is rubbed across the nail and it is completely DRY! No messed up nails from smudging them when you think they are dry. There is no down time and you are ready to go. Touch your hair, drive your car, whatever you wish.

So I thought that was all great but even better, it can stay up to 14 days! It is odor free, and damage free to the nails. Matter of fact my own natural nails are stronger and longer than they have ever been. I have always liked a little nail and use to get acrylics, years ago, only to have my real nails damaged when I did decide to take them off. Not with Shellac. If I don’t want it on, I simply remove it.

It is removed within ten minutes with no drilling. You can buy removal strips to remove it on your own or you can soak your nails in acetone for a few minutes and it will scrape right off. We can also remove it for you at Athena for $10. It is up to you but the beautiful part is that without the drilling there are no harmful chemicals to breathe in. Ever wonder why when an acrylic nail tech is drilling they wear a mask? Do they offer you one? Acrylic particles are not something you want to be breathing and with Shellac, there is nothing to inhale. This product is revolutionary.

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