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  • A woman with some summer hair and looking in the camera.

    Get Ready for Summer

    It’s been a tough winter for many across the country. Whether you faced frigid temps or multiple feet of snow, your skin and hair probably suffered a bit over time. The drier air takes its toll in the form of itchy, flaking skin and dry hair, and all of the layers you pile on to

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  • Scissors. A bunch of scissors.

    Reasons to Cut Your Hair Short

    Your long hair is your mane. It’s your cover up. It’s the one thing that you can make look good no matter what kind of day you are having. It’s fun to toss and it’s great for braiding. We get it! But there are many benefits to cutting your hair short for a while. Really!

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  • Maggie Gyllenhaal's bodacious hair transformation.

    New Celeb Hair Trends

    Celebrities are always changing the way that their hair looks, and sometimes those changes can be a lot of fun for you too. If you are looking for a new hairstyle, you may want to take a few tips from some of the these celebs that recently changed up their styles for one reason or

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  • Ombre hair style.

    Beauty Trends that are Quickly Fading

    The thing about a beauty trend is that it’s meant to disappear eventually. For some reason, certain trends just never go away, and some people keep rocking those trends well past their “best by” date. One good example of this is feathered hair, which went out as a popular hairstyle sometime during the 1980s. Yet,

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  • Girl with long hair on bench.

    4 Amazing Hair Thickening Supplements

    The one thing that is talked about most often at beauty salons is hair, which makes sense given the fact that hair is front and center any any salon! But what most women want to know is how to make hair thicker. If you’re dying to get that “I just walked off of the Victoria’s

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  • Plant leaves.

    Can You Trust Green Beauty Products?

    At Athena, your Windsor salon and spa, we are really into green products, but we also want to make sure that you are well informed. This way, you can walk into any store and pick up products that will actually be good for your skin. After all, you’re probably spending a lot of time making

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  • Paper turtle

    Why Green Spas Matter

    Sustainability is becoming a big issue with more and more people all over the world, and for good reason! It is about saving our planet, and so much more – it’s about educating an entire community about why “going green” is important, and the value of supporting a green business. The Fort Collins spa that

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  • Hjem

    How to Part Your Hair

    It’s interesting to note how haircuts are usually created according to the shape of your face, but parts tend to be more of a trend thing. This fall season, emphasis has been placed on changing up your part, but it’s not easy to do – especially if you’ve been wearing your hair one way for

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  • Green eye closeup with eye makeup.

    Wearable Fall Beauty Trends

    The trends rolling off of fashion runways this fall are fun, but let’s be honest – some fashion and beauty trends that come from top designers aren’t exactly wearable, right? We’ve take a few moments to put together a list of trends that are both fashionable and wearable enough that you won’t feel silly putting

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  • baileycute

    Top Fall Lip Colors

    Fall is all about bold lip colors. From barely there shades in the summertime (or just a bit of gloss) to colors that really stand out when the leaves start to fall, now’s the time to experiment with your lips. This Fall, colors definitely stand out – here are the top lip colors from our

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  • Peppers in Envelope

    Lip Plumper: The Real Deal

    You want the pouty lips like the stars, but your thin, barely-there lips do not resemble them. Naturally, you hear about lip plumper, and think “This is it! The product I’ve been waiting for!” But is it? How does it work, and is it safe? While you might think it’s a safer option than receiving

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  • feet

    Your Feet: How to Treat Them Right

    You walk on your feet 365 days per year. You also run, dance, skip, and pretty much do everything else with your feet, and that’s a lot of abuse! Even though we tend to pay more attention to our feet during the summer months, your feet deserve some love throughout the rest of the year too.

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  • Nail polish

    10 Tips For Amazing Nails

    Looking down at your fingers to see dirt, dried up cuticles, and rigid edges can make anyone feel out of place (especially if you’re heading out for a nice evening and your nails don’t match your dress!). But, don’t worry; you can have amazing nails without too much effort. Our beauty salon nail experts at Athena (your Fort

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  • fingernail painting

    The Acrylic vs. Gel Debate

    Here at Athena Salon, Spa & Wellness, we offer gel nails. While they’re relatively new here in the States, ladies in Europe have been receiving them for quite some time. Chances are you don’t know much about them, except that they look great. But don’t acrylic nails look just as great? The answer to that

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  • eye shadow

    Eyelash Tinting: Should You Do It?

    Imagine waking up every morning with eyelashes that are already the perfect color. All you have to do is curl and go – no mascara required! Eyelash tinting is a really popular procedure, but there are a few things to think about before you go that route. Choosing the Right Aesthetician Tinting your eyelashes on

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  • hair extension sign

    How to Choose Hair Extensions

    There are many different reasons to get hair extensions. Maybe pieces of your hair have been so badly damaged that you need an extension or two to even things out. Or, maybe you want to have long and lustrous hair for an upcoming event. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the

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  • auburn hair color

    2014 Spring Hair Color Trends

    It’s fun to change your hair color once in a while, right? Well, this spring you can expect some major hair color changes! If you’re the type that likes to be in line with the latest trends, here’s what you can look forward to (all available at Athena, your Fort Collins spa, of course!). A

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