Treating yourself to a professional spa manicure is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to unwind. After all, following your relaxing soak, hand massage, and nail shaping, you get to walk away with a great new polish color! Our nails are an easy way that we can express ourselves, show our style, and pull together a great outfit. Nail trends are always changing, based upon the season, and typically correspond with other fashion and décor trends, and it can be exciting to switch up your look to match.

If you’re searching for nail inspiration this summer, check out these awesome ideas for your next trip to the salon:

Metallic tips

There’s nothing like a classic French manicure, but this year, dial it up a notch with a metallic tip instead. Shimmery metallic polish is making a comeback, but if you’re not ready for full-on bling, do the tips, pairing your metal color of choice with a neutral polish like cream, peach, or dove gray.

Black accents

Show your dark side this summer with a nail style that features just a hint of black, alongside a fun or bright hue. Jet black or onyx swipes, lines, tips, and curves can amp up any plain nail color, and can compliment just about any other shade, from hot pink to lime green.


Think outside of the box this year, and try some fun colorblocking and geometric styles. Overlapping triangles or squares in different shades can be eye-catching and can make anyone stand out in a crowd.

Creamy neutrals

If you’d rather stay more classic and understated this summer, shades of feminine pink and cream are back in fashion. Soft peach, pale pink, nude, rose, and pearlescent cream can keep you looking fresh, and they go with just about any outfit!

Retro stripes

Summer is the time for nostalgia, and if you want to bring back some of your favorite retro styles, now’s the time to do it. Simple stripes or color blocks with shades like olive, yellow, dusk blue, pink, mint, and chocolate can make anyone feel like a lovechild again.

Smoky gray

Harness the chic feel of summer thunderstorms with a classic gray shade for your nails. Smoky, dusky hues can make you feel polished and grown up, but still maintain your edge. Plus, this color won’t compete with your favorite summer dresses.

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