As the cool breezes start to blow and the leaves turn gold, you may feel inspired to change up your look. Pulling out your big comfy sweaters and sipping hot chocolate can make summer feel like ages ago, so why keep your summer hair color? In honoring tradition, most people decide to change their shade twice per year- in the spring, for a lighter, fresher color, and in the fall, for a deeper, richer hue. When you are ready to give yourself an autumn-inspired makeover, here are a few ideas for your next hair color:

  1. Caramel highlights

Take your summer blonde streaks down a notch for a warm, sophisticated look with shades of caramel and cappuccino. These highlights will give your hair depth and dimension, without distracting from your overall look, and go well with brown, auburn, and dark blonde hair.

  1. Rosy blonde

You can still enjoy your lighter hair color well into the fall, but switching to a warmer, more subtle hue will be more flattering during this time of year. Nourish your locks with a rose gold blonde, and leave the roots darker for a touch of drama.

  1. Simple chocolate

There’s nothing that says effortless chic like a silky smooth chocolate color. This fall is all about the minimalist aesthetic, and a warm brown can give you a fresh look without overpowering the rest of you.

  1. Cinnamon red

For a fall-friendly look that will turn heads, consider amping up the hue to a deep, vibrant red. This sleek and sexy shade works for a variety of skin tones, and can be a nice break from the usual. Find a colorist that can get you this warm color without going brassy.

  1. Charcoal gray

That’s right, gray hair is still trending, and the autumn is the perfect time to try out a deeper, silvery color that will accent your eyes and facial structure. If you’re ready to step into a sophisticated, neutral tone, look at shades like slate, dark platinum, and dove gray.

Changing your hair color can be a stressful experience, so it’s important to find a professional hair stylist in Northern Colorado that you can trust. When you’re ready to meet your dream colorist, come to Athena Salon, Spa, & Wellness for a free color consultation. And if you have a friend who has been dreaming of a new hue, ask us about our gift certificates- they’re the perfect way to show you care!