Every season, new colors, patterns, and styles come into fashion. It’s apparent in everything from home decor to clothing, what’s trending, and many people love to match their personal look to what’s popular. This can be fun, because it’s so easy to change your outfit, your hair color, and your nail color, especially when you have a great Windsor salon you can count on!

During the often cold, gray winters here in Colorado, it’s a great time to reinvent your personal style. You should look in the mirror and smile, no matter what season it is! If you want to get inspired for this year, here are a few style tips to get you thinking. Bring these ideas into your nearest salon or spa when you’re ready for a fresh start:

  1. Soft lavender

Different shades have their chance to shine every few years, and this year, soft, feminine lavender is IN. This flattering color is wonderful on freshly manicured nails, or even as a creamy pastel hair color! Ask your stylist about how to incorporate lavender this season.

  1. Dark denim

Another hue that’s making a comeback is the classic dark wash denim, and you can apply this color outside of the typical blue jeans style. Try a denim manicure or pedicure, eyeshadow/eyeliner, or maybe even add a swish of dark blue on the underside of your hair.

  1. Retro

The wild prints and earthy colors of the 60s and 70s are having a moment right now, and these can be so much fun to use in your personal look. Try out a bob or fringe hairstyle, to channel your inner hippie rock chick, or bring some floral designs into your nail art!

  1. Peachy gold

During the winter, it’s harder to get the warm, dewy, and glowing skin that we all admire. Soft, natural shades of peach and gold are trending, and they can help you look youthful and well-rested, whether they’re on your skin, nails, or as highlights in your hair.

  1. Au natural

The “no makeup” look will probably always be in fashion, but too many people struggle to achieve it! An experienced makeup artist will be able to help you choose the moisturizer, bronzer, and other tools you’ll need to look carefree and fresh. Investing in your skincare with facials, massages, and quality products is essential too!

Want to get going on your new 2018 style? Come to Athena Salon Spa & Wellness! And don’t forget to ask us about our gift cards!