The season of weddings is upon us here in Colorado, and thousands of brides and grooms are preparing for their big day. Among the planning and organizing, choosing the table linens and hiring a photographer, don’t forget to book your spa and salon professionals too. If you are getting married this year, and want to look and feel your best, find a local salon in Northern Colorado to give you some much-deserved pampering. Here are the top salon and spa treatments for weddings:

1. Hair styling

No matter your unique style or wedding theme, you want to look great on your big day. Hair styling is an important part in helping you look beautiful, so don’t try to style it yourself. Bring a professional stylist on board, sit back and relax, and get ready to look like a queen!

2. Makeup

Your wedding day is your opportunity to really invest in yourself, and having your makeup professionally done is an awesome way to do that. Get an expert to apply the perfect contour, pick out the ideal colors for your skin tone, and give you the fresh, youthful glow that you want.

3. Massage

Organizing a wedding is often quite stressful, but don’t let the stress weigh you down or make you tense. Pamper yourself with regular massages leading up to your big day, so you can stay loose, relaxed, and healthy.

4. Mani/Pedi

To complete your wedding ensemble, your nails should look clean and polished, so treat yourself (and your whole wedding party!) to spa manicures and pedicures. You’ll look stunning and feel like a million bucks, and you can choose from a rainbow of polish colors to match your wedding theme!

Is your wedding coming up? Do you have a friend getting hitched this summer? Come to Athena Salon Spa & Wellness and ask us about our wedding packages and gift certificates!