We all know that the holiday season can take a toll on our nerves, but when we invest in our own self-care, we can handle all the parties and cooking and gift shopping that comes along in the winter. While daily at-home self-care is important, it’s also nice to explore other ways to pamper yourself. Your local Windsor salon and spa is the ideal location for a sacred time-out, or when you want to have quality time with your friends.

Last time, we gave you three wonderful ways that you can step up your self-care routine around the holidays: booking a massage, updating your nail color, and getting your brows done. This time, we will expand on our list, to give you even more great ideas for giving yourself some extra TLC during this time of year! Here are a few more ways to invest in your health and beauty:

  1. Get a facial

Let’s face it, Colorado winters are hard on the skin. But thankfully, with regular facials, you can keep your skin moisturized, youthful, and glowing, no matter the weather! There are many different kinds of facials, depending on your skin type, so make sure you work with a good aesthetician in Windsor to find which facial is best for you.

  1. Try out a new hairstyle

Sometimes, during the cold, gray months, it can feel like your look has gotten a little drab. If you’re tired of your haircut or color, now is the perfect time for an update! With the holiday photos, parties, and work events coming up, it’s a great idea to book your mini-makeover with a fresh new haircut and a new fall/winter-appropriate shade. You’ll walk out feeling like a million bucks, and ready to take on your holiday to-do list.

  1. Have your makeup done

Whether you’re anticipating a big holiday event, or you simply want to learn a new way to do your makeup, your local salon is the perfect place to go. Using natural mineral cosmetics, you can get a fresh new face, and great new tips on how to care for your unique skin type and tone. Ask your neighborhood cosmetologist to help you try out products and techniques that make you look your best.

The holidays don’t have to be stressful, when you take the time to invest in yourself. Come down to Athena Salon Spa & Wellness today and book your appointment.