While summer is traditionally the height of wedding season, more and more people are choosing to have a winter wonderland wedding instead. Not only is an “off-season” wedding typically less expensive, it can bring a unique sense of style and beauty. There’s nothing quite like sparkling snow, hot cocoa, and festive greenery to amp up the romantic mood and make your wedding photos look amazing!

Many brides and grooms are planning winter weddings in Colorado, and they can be just as magical and meaningful as summer celebrations. If you are considering tying the knot in the wintertime, here are a few things to keep in mind, to make your big day as fun and hassle-free as possible:

  1. Minimize your palette

Unlike the frenzied bright colors of spring and summer, winter brings a certain minimalist elegance to the table. Embrace this style with fresh whites, creams, and golds. Punctuate your aesthetic with elements of nature, for a rustic look, or metallics, for a glam look. Winter is the ideal time to appreciate a spacious, clean, and neutral palette.

  1. Fold in the holidays

Many people who choose winter weddings also love the holiday season, and this is a great place to blend these styles together! Consider adding accents of nature, with holly, spruce trees, or lush green boughs. Decorate with white twinkle lights, offer a hot cocoa or cider bar, or have guests decorate their own cookies. Ribbons, ornaments, and fireplaces are great for weddings too!

  1. Customize your look

Every bride and groom, regardless of the wedding date, deserves to be pampered and to look amazing on their big day. Consult with a local spa and salon in Windsor about your hair, makeup, nails, and other beauty needs ahead of time, and find a uniquely gorgeous look that works for you. Understated elegance with a festive touch can be wonderful for a snowy wedding celebration.

  1. Keep it cozy

For winter weddings, it’s important to create a warm, cozy, and comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests. Make sure your venue has plenty of indoor space and adequate heating. Consider offering scarves, blankets, or shawls for your bridal party. Accent your space with glowing candles and lush fabrics like velvet or faux fur. Offer nourishing seasonal food and hot drinks too!

Getting hitched in the winter can be a truly magical experience. When you’re ready to do some pre-nuptial pampering, come to Athena Salon Spa & Wellness! Ask us about our gift certificates too!