The holiday season gives us the opportunity to show those people around us that we love and appreciate them, but it’s not always easy to find a great gift! Some people are very hard to buy for, or you’re not sure what kinds of things they would enjoy. Others prefer not to add any more clutter to their homes. Regardless of what your friends and family are like, gift certificates are always an awesome choice for a holiday gift.

Treating someone to a day at the spa or salon in Windsor is a wonderful gesture. It’s an experience that will nourish them and help them feel good. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it won’t be a gift that will languish in the back of a drawer somewhere, gathering dust. Many people believe that giving experiences is much better than giving material items, so gift certificates will be sure to please everyone!

When you give someone a trip to the salon, you’re helping them to invest in their own self-care. You’re helping them realize that they’re worth pampering, and that’s something that can make anyone smile. Many of us these days are too busy or too stressed to take the time out to get a massage or a facial, and sometimes we just need a little reminder (like an awesome gift certificate) to take care of ourselves again.

At Athena Salon Spa & Wellness, we have a huge selection of wonderful services to offer. Here are just a few ideas that you can use a gift certificate for:

  •       Manicure or spa pedicure
  •       Massage- therapeutic, hot stone, or pre-natal
  •       Facial
  •       Microdermabrasion
  •       Makeup application and/or tutorial
  •       Sunless tanning
  •       Hair removal
  •       Hair cut and color
  •       Blowout or hair styling
  •       Bridal self-care


If you would rather give something meaningful this year, instead of another trinket from a store, consider going with gift certificates for your holiday presents. You’ll be supporting a local business and treating someone you love to a truly enjoyable time. You may even want to join them at the salon or spa, to get some pampering of your own!

We have many different gift packages to choose from, to suit anyone in your life, as well as customized gift certificates. Reach out to us today to learn more, and order one for the whole family!