Breakfast pancake

How To Fight the Vacation Blues: Keeping the Weight Away While Away

Breakfast pancake

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Ah, summer is upon us. Summer is the time of year that everyone always waits for because it usually includes the word “vacation”. Whether you head off to the beach or splurge on a cruise or European holiday there is one serious downer to vacation time; weight gain. Weight gain or bloating because of vacation happens for a simple reason; we indulge. We indulge in sitting around, lounging and eating out. After all, who wants to cook on vacation? But, according to ABCnews there are a few ways to curb the vacation-5lbs and a couple of ways that might even help you lose weight while kicking back.

If you are looking to get away without gaining weight try treating yourself to something other than food. Instead of indulging in luxurious food hit a day spa and soak in some spa services. An hour worth of spa services at a local day spa will probably cost you as much as that indulgent feast you planned for the evening, plus the feeling of a fantastic massage lasts much longer than a steak any day. If your hotel doesn’t offer spa services ask the front desk about a day spa in the area. Consider renting an apartment instead of staying in a hotel room. You can pack snacks and even buy lunch meat to make healthy sandwiches and salads while you are away. You will save money that you can spend elsewhere and you still do not have to cook.

If your goal is to lose weight while you vacation plan a getaway that will ensure you exercise. If you are going to the beach get active while you are there. Don’t just lay in the sand supervising your youngster. Splash around in the water with them. The kids will thank you and so will your waist line. Another great way to lose weight while on vacation is to take up a new cardio activity. Many hotels and resorts offer free sports lessons. Surfing, tennis and volleyball are all traditional summer sports and most resorts will offer lessons in them or know where you can find a certified teacher. You can try out something new while burning fat.

So, there you have it, you actually don’t have to come back from vacation with extra weight, just a massive load of dirty laundry. As long as you are willing to get creative, try something new, and step away from the butter infused lobster your vacation can be fabulous and, at least partially, fat-free.

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