Summer flowers

Drinking Wine and Other Simple Ways to Protect Your Skin this Summer

Summer flowers

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As summer approaches, we are all looking to pamper ourselves with spa services to protect your skin and get that beautiful glow. Here are a few tips to keeping your skin healthy and looking like you spent the week at the best spa around. In between facials there are a few shocking and simple ways to make a difference.

Studies have found that one way to fight off UV rays for this summer is to drink more wine! With summer bringing in hot weather and time by the pool, it becomes more and more important to protect your skin. According to research done by the University of Barcelona, grapes and grape derivatives may be a new key to protect your skin from damaging rays. The compounds in grapes work to halt the chemical reaction from the sun that kills skin cells. This may be the best spa secret out there and a perfect excuse to relax with a glass of vino.

UV rays can cause damage far beyond what you can see on the surface increasing lines and wrinkles. Exfoliating the right way can make all the difference between facials. Chemical exfoliation is one of the spa services that can be most effective to remove the toxins from your skin. By using a chemical exfoliation you are able to remove layers of dead skin cells by dissolving them instead of scrubbing them with other exfoliates. This is much healthier for your skin. Check your local spa services to see what deals they offer or do it yourself at home with a therapy serum from your local beauty supply store.

What is the trick to beating brown spots without trying endless different creams? One of the best spa products to treat this sun damage is called skin bleach. This lightens and evens out dark spots by stopping the uneven production of pigment caused by sun damage. You can find age spot and pigment gel at your local beauty store with a two percent concentration of hydroquinone. Couple this with the exfoliation for a flawless summer glow.

Keeping your skin healthy between any treatments is the trick to maintaining the value from the products you are using. Avoid burning your skin and reversing the healing effects of facials. Use a sunscreen SPF 15 or higher 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every few hours for full protection. Next it is important that you renew your skin nightly with a Vitamin C based antioxidant lotion. This will build up protection from the sun for the collagen that keeps your skin firm and evens out pigmentation.

Who knew that there were such simple ways to protect your skin! There is a safe way to tan and also maintain flawless skin. Combine any of these tips for best results and enjoy the warm weather and summer sunshine.

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