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Getting What You Want from a Hair Makeover

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Perhaps by this point in the year, you’re looking into the mirror and not sure you like the hairstyle you have anymore. Or maybe you’ve had this style for a couple years and it’s beginning to look dated. How do you choose a new hairstyle while maintaining your distinctive look? How do you keep the aspects you love, such as length or ease of care? These are tough questions, and they keep many people out of the stylist’s chair for a long time. Read on for ways to revamp your hair without losing any uniqueness or the aspects you love.

Find the Right Stylist

This is vitally important, since stylists have different skills. This type is a designer, creative at heart and knows how to use their hands. This person is easily inspired by your ideas and knows how to channel them into a look that perfectly suits you.

This type is great at maintaining your hair, though he or she may not be creative enough to move from your current style to the new one. The trick is to know exactly what you want. Be sure to communicate that to this kind of stylist, to ensure that the results truly are different. Otherwise, if you need help deciding what looks best, schedule a makeover with the Type A stylist.

This type is good at getting clients in and out of the chair, but not necessarily great at personalizing the haircut. Perhaps this person doesn’t have much experience or is working for a less expensive salon. Either way, you should steer clear of this type of stylist every time you get your hair cut.

Be Open to New Ideas

Naturally, this is easier said than done. However, start by ruling out the hair styles and colors that you absolutely don’t like. If that’s the only list you have, all the better. That will give your Type A stylist a lot of room to move. Who knows, that person might come up with a look that you never would have considered! If you know what you want, you can schedule the makeover appointment with a Type B stylist and still get great results.

Taking celebrity pictures along that you like is always a good idea. But understand that the stylist is working with your hair and face structure. Even if you like a particular star’s color, for example, yours might look different depending on your hair and the current lighting. So while pictures are good, be open to the results differing slightly.

Communicate Effectively with Your Stylist

For a Type A stylist, dress as though you’re going to an important business meeting. You should also bring pictures of the clothing and fashion you like, in order for that person to visualize the bigger picture. Remember, you want something that fits your personality but is appropriate in all situations, even the boardroom. Giving the stylist a full picture of your tastes and personality will accomplish this perfectly.

For the Type B stylist, you already know how you want your makeover to look. Take three pictures to the salon of the haircuts and colors you like. Then, the stylist can match the result to those. Make sure that he or she is comfortable with the final result, not just agreeing with you. The stylist should be able to visualize the end result and love it just as much as you do.

Invest Time and Care into the Makeover

When you’ve decided to take the plunge, it’s important to follow a few steps before going to the salon. Ask for the most creative stylist in the salon. This is true if you’re looking for a Type A person, though less important if you’re seeking a Type B person. Be prepared to wait for an opening in this person’s schedule.

With that in mind, never ask for an appointment the same day you call.

If possible, book a consultation only. That will give you the freedom to sit down with the stylist to discuss the options. Once you and she have decided, you’ll also have time to think over the decision and build anticipation.

Go to your hair appointment alone. Another person might be able to cast doubt on your decision or suggest other options. It’s much better to remove all distractions, both for you and your stylist.

Love the Final Result

While you might love the new hairstyle, your friends and family will need some time to adjust. Let them know beforehand that you’re planning to get a makeover, and send pictures to them afterward. Especially if you’ve made a drastic change (cut off several inches, chosen a brand new color), this will prepare them to be just as excited as you are. You have a great new look and, most likely, a new stylist for life!

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